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AUSU Update

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact with any questions. IMPORTANT DATES Sep 30: Deadline to apply for course extension for Oct Oct 1: AUSU Awards & Bursaries open for applications Oct 2: Athabasca University Convocation Oct 10: Deadline to register in a course… Read more »

Twelve Effective Note Taking Strategies

Messy or incomplete note taking habits hinder a student’s ability to retain important course details.  Given that writing down notes is a major part of every course you take, equipping yourself with key note taking strategies supports you in getting the most from your education.  Writing information down, organizing it for visual cohesion, and having… Read more »


Fall has always been my favourite season, I do enjoy certain aspects of them all, but Fall has always been, and probably always will bel, on top.  It isn’t because I love the changing colours (though I do) but because of the feeling of progress and excitement that it instills in me.  The chilled morning… Read more »

20 Effective Study Hacks

Our parents have always encouraged us to study hard for tests in school.  We know we need to study to be prepared; others tell us good luck on our studies.  But, have you ever examined your study process? Do you habitually schedule study time every week or do you just read all your course material… Read more »

20 Helpful University Life Hacks

Life is busy enough without adding disorganized chaos to the daily struggle.  Tap into these useful tips to stay on top of university life and make your week a bit breezier in the process. A stack of notebooks and papers that all look the same makes searching for specific subjects take much longer. Colour code… Read more »

The Study Dude—Exam Prep Tips

Tiny tricks help you ace exams.  For instance, memorizing textbook facts word-for-word can get the A.  Also, studying steadily can psyche you into clear-headedness come exam time.  And avoiding lazy profs can get you better grades.  But the master exam hack?  Get prior years’ exams. Let’s delve further into the above tricks: First, exams might… Read more »

The Study Dude—Tools for Top Students

Try speedreading an e-book.  It’s like speed-baking a frozen turkey.  Impossible!  But if stuck with a frozen fowl, top students will quickly get it golden. In grad studies, I did speedreading.  Often, I’d be the only student prepared for discussion.  But when I’d speed-read dense material, I’d glean only the clear-written sentences.  The rest escaped… Read more »

The Study Dude—Win A Grades with Tricks

Do you dance like Michael Jackson to Wii games?  Do you cycle like Lance Armstrong after doping?  Well, whatever you do well, do the same with studies. Learning how to win A-grades takes time and tricks.  To get the A’s, we need to master mnemonics, reading strategies, exam tips, and note-taking skills. But how do… Read more »