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The Problem with Patio Season

It is the high season of summer, which is also known as “patio season”.  The long days and light evenings beckon people to stay outside as long as possible and invites casual dining al fresco.  Patio season is also associated with enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two; perhaps a really cold pint of beer, a… Read more »


veins pulse and press, pulse and press straining through translucent skin forcing fevered blood through thick throbbing limbs aching and bloated listless weighted by inertia into the yellowed futon by a suppressive summer heat sticky moist and painful air ceases to exist through a haze of torpor, a dream (hallucination?) of an immense translucent crisp… Read more »

Fun Out of the Sun

Summer is a wonderful time of year—long, sun-drenched days, iced drinks, and hanging out in the great outdoors.  From taking in a stunning view while quaffing craft beer and wine to enjoying an afternoon siesta in a hammock, life slows down and can feel pretty darn good.  The intensity of hitting the books may slow… Read more »