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Glimpses of Barb Godin—A Book Review

Voice writer Barbara Godin recently published her second book.  Glimpses in Time:  A Collection of Memoirs and More, is a compilation of stories about Godin’s childhood, family, and relationships. In the style of North of Normal by Cea Sunrise Person, and The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, Glimpses in Time traces Godin’s life as she… Read more »

Editorial—Wrapping up the Year

This is it, folks. After this, there won’t be another issue of the Voice Magazine until 2019.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed what students, educators, and graduates of AU have brought you this year, and if you have, don’t forget to let me know what you liked best about it.  If you need added incentive beyond the… Read more »

Editorial—Winding Down

In this penultimate issue of the year, we’ve gathered an eclectic set of articles, which is another way of me saying that I can’t pick out any particular theme going on in the minds of the writers.  Yes, the holiday season seems to feature, but the various takes on it we have in this issue… Read more »

Editorial—Acknowledging Winter

There can be no denying that winter is officially here now, no matter how much I’ve wanted to tell myself, “Surely there’s still someone who hasn’t felt like it’s winter yet,” but by mid-November, even I have to admit that that’s just wishful thinking. Winter also seems to be hitting the minds of the Voice… Read more »

Remembering Honesty

As we approach Remembrance Day I have to, once again, confront the very real fact that I don’t really get it.  I know that might seem sacrilegious, “How can you not get Remembrance Day?” but I just don’t, not really, not in my gut. On an intellectual level, sure, it makes sense.  These are people… Read more »

The Vintage Voice

With the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I approaching, we explore two very different WWI-related articles. Visual reminders.  Writer and former Voice editor Christina M. Frey highlights some of the more significant movies set during World War 1.  “Films offer us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in an era long gone, to… Read more »

Vintage Voice

In the lead-up to Halloween October 31, it’s no surprise that October 26 has been designated Pumpkin Day.  Pumpkins in a university student magazine?  We got ’em. Pepo’lantern?  Writer Zoe Dalton describes the colourful history of Cucurbita pepo, aka the pumpkin. “[S]quashes and pumpkins are useful for far more than just food: masks, dishes, carrying… Read more »

Editorial—Scary Times

Domestic terrorism is nothing new to most nations in the world, but usually we manage to frame it as an “us vs. them” phenomenon. Us, in the civilized, rational society, dealing with them. Them, the crazies who want government to be destroyed, or who want their God to be the only God worshipped, or who… Read more »

Vintage Voice

As Thanksgiving weekend gets underway in Canada, we present two reflections on Thanksgivings past. Eating like it’s 1949.  Writer Teresa Neuman takes a nostalgic perusal through her grandmother’s cookbook, which she’s recently inherited.  “… my health conscience brain has put the brakes on deep-fried ‘Sour Cream Doughnuts’ (Page 1534) or I would be in the… Read more »


This is going to be a quick editorial, as I’m still dealing with the after effects of this flu and really not fully up to snuff. After all the troubles two weeks ago that lead to us skipping an issue, however, it is kind of nice to get back to normal. Or at least as… Read more »