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Editorial—And the Award Goes To

I have been informed that I am unpleasant to be around when I am sick. This comes as no surprise, as I find myself quite unpleasant to be around when I am sick and tend to wish I wasn’t around at all.  It also tends to make me work slow and my brain is foggy,… Read more »

Vintage Voice

AU courses start any month of the year, but September is still the traditional  back-to-school month.  Here are a couple article from the vault that still resonate today. Taking the plunge.  Veteran Voice contributor Hazel Anaka recounts her elation—and misgivings—when returning to school 29 years after college.  “When my box of textbooks, novels, short story… Read more »

Editorial—Help Wanted

This week, we move away from interviewing the GSA to interview one of our own AUSU Councillors.  Scott Jacobsen spoke with AUSU Councillor Lisa Oracheski some time ago, and today we present that interview as our Feature article. Also this week, we have a new writer who goes by the name of Darjeeling Jones who… Read more »

The Vintage Voice

To mark Knife Day, a “celebration of this marvellous tool,” we’re serving up two sharp articles that feature hunting knives. Nothing to fear but fear.  Writer Bill Pollett questions whether the world is becoming more dangerous or we have just become more fearful.  “…statistically speaking, it is no more dangerous to thumb a ride today… Read more »

Vintage Voice

To celebrate Thrift Shop Day, August 17, we sorted through heaps of still perfectly good articles to find these vintage gems. Minimalist Max.  Student Max Birkner describes his minimalistic life—so perfect for the starving student!  “It took me an hour to move into this place (it was furnished). The move was completed when my girlfriend… Read more »

Editorial—The Tribulation of Trials

First up, a big thanks to everybody who filled out the survey. I have to admit, after the first couple of weeks, I was getting worried about the small sample size, but you people really stepped it up at the end.  In case you’re wondering, we haven’t drawn a winner yet. That will happen early… Read more »

Vintage Voice

We toast Scotch Whisky Day July 27 by raising our glass to these finely-aged pieces, each featuring glasses of single malt: In praise of indolence.  Bill Pollett examines the exquisite value of taking time out from the task list to snatch memorable moments of pure bliss.  “I am talking about the sort of wretched indolence… Read more »

Editorial—The Bright Side of Lackluster

The Voice Reader Survey for 2018 will be closing soon, and, so far, response has been lackluster, to say the least.  Of course, it’s the middle of summer so that’s not that unexpected, but it was noted that my preferred time for the survey, mid-September to early October, was also about the time when AUSU… Read more »

Editorial—Surprisingly Good

A surprisingly good issue this week.  We start it off with our feature interview being a Meeting the Minds article interviewing Jim Sellers, the Project Manager for the Athabasca River Basin Institute. Yes, I know.  The job title isn’t really one that makes you think, “This is going to be great interview for AU students!”… Read more »

Editorial—Give us a Break!

Summertime and Canada Day is upon us!  With that in mind, next week, The Voice Magazine will take a brief hiatus.  I need to be rested and prepared for what’s going to happen the week after that—when our biannual reader survey comes out and AUSU pushes the Voice Magazine in their newsletter.  Such pushes are… Read more »