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Informing Your Vote—Building a Student Community Online

Have you voted in AUSU’s council election yet?  Polls opened on Wednesday and you’ve got until Tuesday to vote. There are 15 candidates vying for 13 council seats.  The successful 13 in this election are the folks who will be representing AU undergrad students’ interests for the next two years.  A strong, committed group around… Read more »

Council Connection—February 13 Meeting

The council meeting on February 13, 2018 was sparsely populated, as both President Wasylyshyn and Executive Director Jodi Campbell were absent with regrets (meaning with prior notice that they wouldn’t be there.)  Councillor Robin Bleich was also absent due to an illness, but fortunately, Councillor Adrew Gray, who’d also indicated he’d be absent with regrets… Read more »

Vintage Voice

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in full swing in Pyeongchang, South Korea, we take a backward glance at Olympics past. Sorry, Pyeongchang!  Maybe next time!  When the city of Vancouver BC was awarded the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, writes Stephen Thomson, not everyone was celebrating (especially not Pyeongchang, South Korea.)  “The bidding process is kind… Read more »

Editorial—Happy Chinese New Year

Despite my name, I’m not of Asian descent at all. I’m a mixed bag of eastern European and Germanic elements. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get targeted by telemarketers that are only able to speak in some asian language I can never recognize. Still, I’m always  interested in the cultures and celebrations people have… Read more »

Editorial—Two is More Fun

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and you’ll see that reflected throughout this issue of the Voice, as we’ve got ideas for that last minute gift—even if your wallet is looking a little bare—that go beyond the traditional flowers and chocolates.  And if you want to keep up with that love life you’ll need… Read more »

Vintage Voice

To honour Heart Month this February, we look at love from both sides now: coming and going. Strange attraction.  Harried student Audrey Karperien takes a break from coding to ponder the algorithm of attraction.  “But then, with the help of the shirtless men outside my window, what strange attraction is and is not started coming… Read more »

Editorial—Flat Out Expression

With the release in the media of the United Conservative Party of Alberta’s draft policy’s on education, the Alberta NDP government has been doing the best they can to try to show Albertans how that plan is a bad idea, and the NDP way is one that will work better.  The Advanced Education office made… Read more »

Editorial—And They’re Off

As of today, the election process for AUSU Council has started.  The nomination period only lasts for 12 days.  So if you haven’t nominated yourself by February 7th, then you’re out of the running. This year, AUSU Council has expanded.  Instead of nine seats, there will be thirteen available to fill.  More people means more… Read more »

Vintage Voice

Is your call really important to them?  Taking turns on both sides of the call centre desk. Hang on to your scrotum.  Busby LeClair reveals MegaLog Corp’s sinister call centre strategy.  “You will…be required to explain your question/concern/comment/complaint to a minimum of six obviously bored and uninterested employees in a variety of departments unrelated to… Read more »

Editorial—A Promethean Editorial

It might be overselling it a bit, but I’m going to be stealing a little bit of the fire from my betters this week, hence the article title. The fire I’m going to steal is from the upcoming Council Connection.  You may have heard from some shady sources that AUSU Council was planning on raising… Read more »