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Editorial—Convocation Consternation

Did you know that AU is changing how they do convocation?  I didn’t, not until the letter I received earlier this week showed up in my inbox. (See this week’s letter to the editor, or just look up a page if you’re reading the PDF.) For those unaware, convocation at AU has, over the last… Read more »

Editorial—Christmas Wrapping Up

This is it then, the final issue of The Voice Magazine for 2017.  I hope you’ve had a good year, it’s certainly been an eventful one for us, what with our snazzy new website and a whole host of new student readers and writers. We’ve also had some great articles this year. I’ve already got… Read more »

Vintage Voice

This week, two different Christmas shopping strategies from Voices past. Getting her jingle on.  Student Rebecca Brewer learns that December exams and Christmas shopping are not all that compatible.  “Malls are mean and nasty places in December. ‘Tis the season for stealing parking spots and being a big hurry.”  Christmas Clichés, November 18, 2005. If… Read more »

Vintage Voice

This week, settle into some armchair travelling by following AU students adjusting to life overseas. Beer drinkers on the buses, dogs in the malls.  In a nine-piece series, Edmontonian John Buhler observes some perplexing aspects of German culture as he settles into a 6-month stay.  “We have encountered so many spiders here that I’m starting… Read more »

Editorial-Holiday Plans

The Christmas season is upon us and the subscriber contest is now concluded.  The winners have been notified, so check the e-mail address you entered with to see if you won and to send us your address so we can snail mail some goodies.  The winner of the iPad mini is one Tammy S., and… Read more »

Vintage Voice

While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we look at more differences between us and them. Searching for sense in American politics.  In advance of the 2012 U.S.  election, dual-citizen Wander Waterman reflects on some fundamental differences between Canadian and American attitudes toward politics and voting.  Americans are “a little more drawn to confrontation; they don’t… Read more »

Vintage Voice

This week we celebrate Take a Hike Day, with hikes from writers past. Winter camping, hunting, and hiking in BC.  Wayne E. Benedict recalls memorable excursions that turned out well despite some precarious moments.  “…Rick finally got the propane to ignite. He exited the camper as if he’d been shot from a canon, a roiling… Read more »

The Time is Right to Write for the Voice!

It’s an exciting time at The Voice!  For 25 years The Voice has published a quality magazine for and by AU students.  This month, with the fresh look of its website, The Voice is drawing more attention and more readers.  As an AU student, you might be thinking, “How can I be a part of… Read more »

Editorial—That’s Classified

Not many students seem to know that we have classified advertisement space available for free.  If you’ve got textbooks you want to get rid of, or perhaps you’re looking for someone to buy them from, it certainly can’t hurt to let us know here at The Voice Magazine.  Up to fifty words and we’ll even… Read more »