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What It Is Like Travelling During COVID

One of the most stressful, but also fascinating, experiences in 2021 was traveling amidst the pandemic.  I know I might get a lot of hate for this post, but I wanted to share what some of my experiences have been like.  I also know that while avoiding travel is highly recommended at this time, there… Read more »

Smooth Sailing to Convocation

Next month, hundreds of students—I mean graduands—will make the trek to Athabasca for convocation. For many, it will be the first time they’ve visited AU’s campus.  For some, it may be the first time they’ve visited Alberta. I went to convocation in June 2018.  It wasn’t my first trip to Alberta, but it was definitely… Read more »

A Dozen Reasons why Traveling is the Best Education

There are several methods to acquiring a post-secondary education throughout a lifetime, in addition to traditional college and university routes.  For one, we are blessed to have the option of online education from Athabasca University and numerous other educational institutions that enable us to read and learn from the comfort of our own homes.  For… Read more »

Five Budget-Friendly Ways to Travel as a Student

For students with the travel bug, it can be hard to balance your budget while paying for your last hefty vacation and setting money aside for a budget vacation. Luckily, there are various ways to travel without having to cash in your savings. Some forms of travelling are exclusive to students and can make the… Read more »

Survival in the Garret

Getting from home to class, from class to band practice, and from band practice to your dishwashing job are all necessary to your survival and, to some extent, to your overall happiness.  But being short on funds as well as ecologically conscious necessitates a whole new attitude toward travel—to a mindset that values environment and… Read more »

From Where I Sit—All is Good

For most of us the ability to travel by air is a treat and a blessing.  We’re not required to do so for high-powered careers or trans-continental love affairs.  We’re usually heading out on vacation and already in a good frame of mind. Oh, sure we get ticked off by the high ticket prices, the… Read more »

The Travelling Student – A Day Off

My name is Philip Kirkbride. I’m a college graduate from Ontario studying at AU. I’ve always wanted to do an exchange program or study abroad but never found the right time to do so. This is the story of how Athabasca University has allowed me to create my own study abroad program. In the last… Read more »