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The Study Dude—Vocab for Witches’ Warts

Attention spelling bee kings and queens.  I have a challenge for you.  You’re top-notch?  Well, then, spell the word beginning with “c” for the bubbles growing on a witch’s nose.   The answer?  Carbuncle.   As students, we’re always looking for bigger, better, and more exact words to get our meaning across, or at least to pad… Read more »

The Study Dude – Word Lust

Grab a grand vocab—and romance it. I made a file of delightful words I named “Wordlist.” But crazy spellcheck named it “Wordlust.”  Perfect, I thought—a play on love for words. My vocabulary shriveled.  So, I stared down a dictionary nightly.  I learned that words have multiple meanings that don’t mix or make sense.  And whenever… Read more »