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Why Am I Here and What’s My Purpose?

Before I begin, I want to reassure that this introduction, and any following articles, will not ask you to ponder existentialism.  This article, on the other hand, is more of a critical self-reflection than an introduction.  Meaning that I want to explore with you my motives and purposes for joining The Voice Magazine as a… Read more »

Editorial—Help Wanted

This week, we move away from interviewing the GSA to interview one of our own AUSU Councillors.  Scott Jacobsen spoke with AUSU Councillor Lisa Oracheski some time ago, and today we present that interview as our Feature article. Also this week, we have a new writer who goes by the name of Darjeeling Jones who… Read more »

Minds We Meet – Interviewing Students Like You

Recently featured writer for the Voice magazine, Karlee Kapler is a fairly new student at AU working towards her BA with a major in English.  She describes herself as analytical, irritable, and creative, and not really an outdoorsy person.  One of the surprising few who are born and raised in Grande Prairie, she not only… Read more »