Vol. 15 Iss. 18

Volume 15 Issue 18 - 05/18/2007

The Voice Great Canadian Place Challenge

Are you a snow-loving Rocky Mountain gal? A wide-open-spaces Prairie kind of guy? Or maybe someone who can’t get enough of the rugged coasts and fresh Atlantic air in the east? Tell us why the place you live is the best place in Canada, in The Voice Great Canadian Place Challenge! Is it the people?… Read more »

Editorial – The Silver Lining

On this Victoria Day long weekend–affectionately known by countless Canadians as May Two-Four–the lifejackets will be pulled out of storage, the highways will be bumper-to-bumper, and everyone will be hoping for good weather. All eyes will be turned skyward, and if the clouds unleash a torrent or the temperature turns chilly, there will be grumbles… Read more »

AUSU This Month – Changes to Executive Council

Changes to Council Executive The AUSU “cabinet” does the shuffle AUSU councillors are elected for two-year terms and, traditionally, the three executives also serve for two years. In early 2005, however, council began to discuss the possibility of holding a mid-term executive election for the following reasons: ? Executive positions are very demanding and require… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Stop the Blame Game

Regular readers of ?From Where I Sit? may remember a past column about the growing issue of rudeness and incivility. From inconsiderate cellphone users to road rage to the epidemic of f*** you, we’ve seen it all, been on the receiving end, and, heaven forbid, may have been an offender. In this update, I’m sorry… Read more »

Lost & Found – Some Voices

In ancient times, when the winter winds blew early, wolves would come down from the hills looking for the easy prey of domesticated animals. In gathering places, the people would cluster together for security, and stare off into the darkness beyond the bonfire light, watching for movement in the shadows . . . When he… Read more »

Click On This – Do, Make, Say, Think

The Internet doesn’t have to be about serious study, nutty news, or boring banking only. Air Guitar Nation http://www.airguitarnation.com/airname/ You can’t just perform up there under the lights; you need a moniker to draw them in! Apparently my new name is Lonita “Air Tight” Fraser. Rock on! Incredible Strange Words http://noemata.net/etc/words.htm I’m sure they’ll be… Read more »

Education News – B.C. Schools Seeing Green

The generation of children now in primary and high school are learning valuable lessons about preserving the environment–and in some cases, their classrooms are the lesson. The B.C. government has announced the re-opening of a newly green francophone school in Victoria, as well as plans for a new eco-friendly school in Surrey. B.C.’s second-largest francophone… Read more »

Letters to the Editor – In Reference To

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. Dear Editor: I have been an avid fan of The Voice Magazine since enrolling at Athabasca University in November 2001. I remain a loyal reader after graduation. It’s exciting that the publication has… Read more »