Vol. 13 Iss. 29

Volume 13 Issue 29 - 07/29/2005

Guest Editorial – Tutor Not Available

A few days ago in the mail I got a letter from learning services. It was to inform me that for approximately two weeks my tutor is going to be unavailable, and if I can anticipate my tutorial needs, to please contact my tutor prior to this time. This includes marking of assignments. When I… Read more »

The Good Life – The Makers

Seven years ago, after she turned forty-five years old, my friend Kate, who is a special education assistant, decided that she was going to write and perform in a Fringe Festival play. Last week I was privileged to read the first draft, which she recently completed. The play is about her experiences growing up in… Read more »

AUSU This Month

AUSU Course Evaluations Would you like to know what your fellow students have thought of an AU course? If so, you are not alone. Many students find the input of their peers invaluable when selecting courses or a program of study. AU students may not have cafeterias and hallways in which to share this knowledge,… Read more »

Dear Barb – West Nile Worries

Dear Barb, my girlfriend and I are avid campers and have been camping for years. However in the past few years we have been hearing a lot about Lyme disease and West Nile Virus. What precautions can we take to prevent exposure? If we are exposed, how serious are these conditions? I realize you are… Read more »

Lost & Found – Reunion

Dinner is all about mismatched cutlery and drinking wine-in-a-bag out of water glasses from the Super 8. We’re eating ham steaks and a potato salad that’s made the way it’s meant to be made, which means you can feel your arteries congealing with every bite. Outside, there’s a full moon rising above the lake. When… Read more »

Women You Should Know – Elizabeth Blackwell

Elizabeth Blackwell (1826-1910) was born in England on February 3, 1826. Her family moved to the United States when Elizabeth was a young girl. In 1849, she became the first woman to graduate from medical school and thus paved the way for future women to enter the field of medicine. Elizabeth traveled a difficult road… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Buddy, Part 1

No one, including me, would describe me as an animal lover. Yet, how to explain the depth of sorrow I felt when Buddy died? Bud was our 12-year-old Terrier cross. His death has left a break in our routine and a hole in our hearts. Because Hilary, now 20, was afraid of dogs as a… Read more »

Retirement and the Telecommuter

“I wish I could work from home.” my friend states willingly. She commutes three hours to get to her place of work. She may be the wrong person to ask, but working from home is part of her ideal job. Working from home, or telecommuting, has been advocated lately by some businesses. According to an… Read more »

Course Exam – PHIL 350 – Ethics

Ethics is a subject we all should know about. Our lives are continually touched by situations requiring the knowledge of ethics whether through the media, in-person situations or through hearsay. If you’re one of those individuals who wishes to sharpen your ethics skills, be sure to take a look at Athabasca University’s newly released course… Read more »

Name / Brand

So this guy tells me I can make a hundred and fifty bucks just by having a corporate logo tattooed across my forehead. He has a nice Italian suit and a crocodile skin briefcase. He says I don’t have to fill out an employment application, no need for a reference check, I don’t have to… Read more »

Bismillah, Why Here?

We must keep up some semblance of normal life. If we were to cancel our plans, hide in our homes and cower in fear, the terrorists will have got what they wanted! So say the British as London was bombed twice in these past weeks. Where other cities and other nations would be erupting with… Read more »

Click On This – Speaking In Tongues

Other Words for Stuff – http://www.otherwordsforstuff.com/ Euphemisms are a way of life sometimes, and this site does a good job of showing us just how much of our language we devote to finding other words for things that we already have words for. Learning Other Languages – http://www.otherlanguages.org/ More language resources than you can shake… Read more »

Voice Events Listings

To list events in your area, e-mail voice@ausu.org with “events” in the subject line. PRINCE GEORGE FOLKFEST Prince George , British Columbia Jul 22 to 23, 2005 Telephone: (250) 563 2880 E-mail: info@pgfolkfest.com Website: www.pgfolkfest.com ARTWALK Whistler, BC – now til Jul 31, 2005 Telephone: (604) 938-8839 E-mail: info@whistlerartscouncil.com Website: www.whistlerartscouncil.com REGINA FOLK FESTIVAL Regina… Read more »

Scholarships & Awards

Jimmie Condon Athletic Scholarships Funds for these awards are sponsored by Alberta Lottery Fund and administered by Alberta Scholarship Programs. The scholarship was established in honour of Jimmie Condon. Value: $1,800 Applicants must be Alberta residents and be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate, professional or graduate program at a university, college or technical institute in… Read more »

Searching for Internships + Volunteer Opportunities

INTERNSHIP Schools Without Borders – 3490 Aylmer Montreal, QC Canada internship types: Accounting, Social Work, Theater, Drama, Dance, Urban & Regional Planning Qualifications / skills needed: To be eligible to participate in a SWB seminar; – Applicants must be within the required age range (Kenya: 14-20 & Brazil: 15-20) at the time of the seminar,… Read more »

Conference Connections

WIPCE 2005 Nov 27-Dec 1, 2005 – Hamilton, New Zealand http://www.wipce2005.com/ Te Wananga o Aotearoa is dedicated to promoting inspirational ideas and practices from Indigenous communities that can be applied on an international scale. It is pleased to host this world renowned gathering of indigenous educators, researchers and students. The 2005 conference is an opportunity… Read more »

Don’t Miss Convocation!

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@ausu.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. Dear Editor: Well, I finally finished my coursework. It was official, I could graduate. I was so tired of those dreaded three-hour exams, research papers, all of that reading. Then Dianne at AU… Read more »


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