National Council on Ethics in Human Research (NCEHR) Visit – Feb. 6

ALL interested Athabasca University staff and students are invited to attend the NCEHR site visit team’s noon hour presentation on Minimal Risk and Expedited Review Processes. Please respond to Jill Calliou at jillc@athabascau.ca by Feb 1st, as to whether you will be attending the presentation and luncheon (12:15 – 1:15 pm) at Athabasca Central on Wednesday, February 6. The noon presentation will be videoconferenced to Edmonton and Calgary Learning Centres, for the convenience of those who are unable to attend in Athabasca. (The luncheon, however, will only be available in Athabasca.)

For further information about the team’s activities on Feb 6th, please refer to the schedule posted on the Research Ethics Board web page located at http://www.athabascau.ca/ethics/

T h e L u n c h H o u r T a l k
@ Expressionz Cafe / 9142 St. & 118 Avenue
February 07th 2002 / N o o n – 1:00 p.m.
INFOLINE: 474-6058

Worker’s Co-operatives?
The Multicultural Health Brokers Experience

with Yvonne Chiu & Sarah Borquez

Join us for a lunch hour conversation on worker’s co-operatives in Edmonton, particularly the rich experience of the Multicultural Health Brokers, an organisation established to address issues of inequities related to the health and well being of immigrants and refugees in our city.

About our guests
Social Worker & Community Developer Yvonne Chiu is one of the founding members of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-operative and has spent time exploring a variety of ways to engage immigrants/refugees and front-line service providers for the purpose of social / organizational change.

Sarah Borquez
Sarah is a founding members of the Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op. Since the early 90’s, she has worked as a health educator and community health developer in the Spanish-speaking community in many areas of health & wellness.

February 07th, 2002 / Noon – 1:00 p.m.
Expressionz CafÃ?©, 9142 – 118 Avenue
Infoline: 474-6058 – Admission is free –

A presentation of:
The Community Networks Group
(c) 6819 – 119 Avenue, Edmonton (Canada) T5B 4L9
Tel/Fax: (780) 474-6058 / Pager: (780) 419-7654

The NEW Gallery Press for Immediate Release

The NEW Gallery 516 D 9th Ave. SW
(403) 233-2399


Main Space
February 8 – March 2
Opening: February 8 @ 7 PM
Artist Talk: February 9 @ 2 PM
Artist: Lee Goreas (Toronto)
Goreas will create an interactive installation surrounding our relationship (and more specifically the male relationship), to both institutional and popular culture through the use of humour. The exhibition will include: Par 2 Golf Course, an interactive sculpture based on the miniature golf course and Slow Down Show Down, a customized figure-8 race track that allows members of the audience to compete with each other using remote control racecars and other components. The video Ring of Fire will document the artists’ view out of the front window of his automobile as he travels down the spiral exit ramp in a parkade. The car stereo plays Burning Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

The artist incorporates elements from contemporary film dialogue, Modernist Literature, North American car culture and urban architecture for both beauty and social criticism.

Front Space
February 8 – March 2
Opening: February 8 @ 7 PM
Artist: Richard Smolinski (Calgary)
Calgary artist, SMOLinski will exhibit approximately 20 black and white images executed on paper with water-based media that portray male figures in a variety of roles. By examining the male gender’s conventions, stereotypes and roles, the artist illustrates a number of motivating factors and societal influences that contribute to this behaviour.

+15 Window Space Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts
Opening: February 21 @ 8 PM.
Artist: James McDougall (Calgary)
McDougall will combine biology and art to create drawings of botanical diagrams. These drawings become abstract through layering, repetition and superimposing the diagrams one after another with oil pastel and coloured pencil. Plasmodesmata is a term used to refer to narrow tubes that connect one cell to another in plants. The work uses biological theory and art to display basic life processes: cell division, maturation and growth. The artist uses these links to parallel the ever changing yet similar cycles of all organic beings. This exhibition will examine the relationship between scientific thought and practice possibilities.

Would you like to contact us?
The New Gallery
516D – 9th Avenue S.W.
Calgary, AB T2P 1L4
P: 403-233-2399 F: 403-290-1714
E: thenewgallery@nucleus.com
W: http://www.nucleus.com/~thenewgallery
Candice Noakes, Administrative Coordinator; Tammy McGrath, Programming Coordinator;
Melody Jacobson, Resource Coordinator / Web Editor;
The New Gallery–supporting and promoting contemporary art and artists since 1975

Main Space at Stride Gallery
L’Hôtel SofiCalle
Vera Greenwood
January 18 – February 16, 2002
Opening Reception: Friday January 18 @ 8PM
Artist Meet and Greet: Saturday, January 19, 2002

In her installation entitled L’Hôtel SofiCalle (2001), Vera Greenwood documents her somewhat failed attempts at surveillance of the French artist Sophie Calle. Through the ‘evidence’ collected during a three-month residency at the Canada Council Paris Studios, she produces an autobiographical account of her own behaviours, social transgressions, and psychological experiences that surround her ‘investigations’ of Calle. The exhibition itself follows the principles of an ethnographic display-cases holding objects, photographs and text that are identified and interpreted-yet it carries with it the feeling of the backstage of a theatrical performance. The traces of her activity, such as passport, plane tickets, rubber gloves, disguises, maps and spy camera are all displayed behind glass cabinets alongside excerpts from her detailed written diary. Like all good mysteries, her diary is replete with plot twisters and comedic moments while her exhibition is filled with a trail of descriptive props and various pieces of evidence.

Born in Calgary in 1954, Ottawa-based artist Vera Greenwood lives and works in Hull, Quebec. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Concordia University, Greenwood’s training in printmaking has expanded to included mixed media installations. Her work has been widely exhibited across Canada and in England, which include The Ottawa Art Gallery, Ottawa, On.; The Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Ab.; and The Beg Peg Gallery, Birmington, UK.

The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception. A brochure will accompany the exhibition.

Main Space at Stride Gallery
Reginald Baxter
King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
February 22 – March 23, 2002
Opening Reception: Friday, February 22 @ 8PM
Artist Meet and Greet: Saturday, February 23, 2002

Since 1990 Reginald Baxter has been painting copies of a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel that at a rate of about 4 to 8 each year. The source for this image itself is a bit of a mystery as it was extracted from an “original art” catalogue where the artists’ names appeared to have been fabricated. Upon the first examination the 30 or so dog paintings appear to be replicas of one another, but on closer inspection it is quite easy to spot subtle differences that render each work as a unique original. The paintings are a crude counterpart to current technologies (like photography or videography) where there is no such thing as an original, but only mechanically-made duplicates. These collection of paintings that begun as a mechanically reproduced image of a forgery painting have ironically ended up as original pieces revealing the non-mechanical nature of the human touch and our ways of seeing.

Reginald Baxter graduated from the Ontario College of Art with an Honours in Fine Art in 1989. His work has been widely exhibited in Canada and abroad in various galleries including Kenderline Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK; Mercer Union, Toronto, ON; and 494 Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; and the Venice Biennial, Canadian Pavillion (collaborative bookwork with Tom Dean), Venice, Italy.

The artist will be in attendance at the opening reception. A brochure will accompany the exhibition.

Stride Gallery 1004 MacLeod Trail S.E., Calgary, AB CANADA T2G 2M7
Hours of operation: Tuesdays – Saturdays 11 – 5 p.m.
Storefront. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.
URL: http://www.stride.ab.ca
eMail: stride2@telusplanet.net
PHONE: 403.262.8507
FAX: 403.269.5220

For further information about Stride Gallery’s upcoming program, please contact Lissa Robinson, Director at 403.262.8507. The Stride Gallery is an artist-run gallery that is funded in part by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Calgary Region Arts Foundation, the Canada Council and the generous support of the Calgary community.


Shows in the Main Gallery

“Pieces of a Picture”
By Ryan Hamilton and Tanya Mastrobuono
Untitled Arts Society +15 Window
225 – 8th Ave. SE (West end of Performing Arts Centre corridors, 2nd Floor)
On view from December 1st, 2001 to January 31st, 2002

This collaborative show presents a whimsical series of collages by Ryan Hamilton and Tanya Mastrobuono, the former a University of Calgary Fine Arts graduate, and the latter, soon to be.

Random, discarded, leftover puzzle pieces are the key constituents of these light-hearted mixed media works. From this starting point these artists looked for surprising and unexpected ways to take the familiar and remake it as something new. Imaginary landscapes and flights of fancy result, as these recombinant puzzles show traces of their process of exploration, and the marks of the artists’ hands.

The artists will be in attendance at the opening reception. All are welcome. For more information please contact the artists @ 340-3970 (Tanya) or 289-6743 (Ryan) or Untitled @ 262-7911 (leave a message).

Global Village Backpackers Banff

Our hostel opened June 1, 2001 right in downtown Banff. Formerly the Woodland Village Inn, we are a unique hostel as all our rooms have ensuite bathroom facilities. We have a hot tub, sauna, internet access, kitchen facilities, pool table, tour desk, TV room, bike rentals, laundry facilities, lounge and a large outdoor courtyard patio.

A majority of our rooms are spacious 4-8 bed dorms. We also have, what we call, semiprivate rooms. Each has a double bed in a loft above a 4 bed dorm. You share the washroom facilities with the dorm.

Room rates
October 1, 2001 – April 14, 2001

Dorm Beds $25.00 $22.00

Semi-private $55.00 $51.00

Weekly rate in a dorm room $129.50 (non-refundable)

All prices include taxes and linen. Discounts are available to travelers carrying YHA, ISIC, VIP or GO cards.

2001/2002 Ski packages
3 Nights/2 days – only $169
3 Nights shared accommodation
2 days ski passes (Lake Louise/Sunshine Village/Mount Norquay)
Transport to/from ski hills
Free pancake breakfast daily.

6 Nights/5 days – only $369
6 Nights shared accommodation
5 days ski passes (Lake Louise/Sunshine Village/Mount Norquay)
Transport to/from ski hills
Free pancake breakfast daily.

We require credit card details to guarantee reservations.
We welcome group bookings. Please call the hostel directly for details.


The Staff at the Global Village Backpackers Banff
449 Banff Avenue BOX 398
Banff AB Canada T1L 1A5
1-403-762-5521 Toll-free in North America 1-888-844-7875 fax 1-403-762-0385

Are you an Artist? AUSU supports the arts!

AUSU is interested in purchasing original works of art from students for use in promotional purposes. These promotions may include: gifts from AUSU to graduates at convocation, tokens of appreciation for volunteers, special presentations, etc.

The works of art must:
-be created by an AU Student
-be within a value range $0-$500.
-be accessible or easily transportable to Alberta

If you are an artist of any kind who creates a product you feel we would be able to use for such a purpose, please contact djabbour@ausu.org. Supply a brief description of the art object, a picture if you have it, and its market value.

Please contact Tammy Moore at tmoore@ausu.org.