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To suggest listings for events, conferences, or opportunities in your area, contact voice@ausu.org.

To suggest listings for events, conferences, or opportunities in your area, contact voice@ausu.org.

August 20 – 24, 2003 – Info: 921-3980

The Ghost Rock Men’s Gathering is an event inspired by the ‘mythopoetic’ approach of Robert Bly for men dedicated to inner work. In a culture starving for the sacred, Ghost Rock attempt to be a sanctuary, a spiritual home, a holder of the heart. This gathering is an intentional experiment in manifesting a ‘group mind’ using a unique blend of ritual and creative arts.

As a participant you may expect to find numerous opportunities for creative expression in conversation, movement, writing and music. The retreat format includes morning circles, drumming, sweat lodges, poetry and storytelling. It’s facilitated by Murray Armstrong, Matthew Marsolek & Greg Jahn.

The Ghost Rock Men’s Gathering is held on a farm 60 miles west of Edmonton. The gathering begins on Wednesday evening August 20th 2003. Supper will be provided at 6:00 p.m. The opening circle is at 8:00 p.m.. The gathering continues with all meals provided and concludes with a lunch on Sunday August 24th 2003.

About the Facilitators:

Murray Armstrong is a clinical social worker and a certified teacher with AAMFT. He has specialized in working with men in individual and group settings for the past 13 years. As he says, he facilitates learning and self-discovering ‘from the inside out.’

Matthew Marsolek is a men’s retreat – music workshop facilitator with many years of experience. He has worked extensively with the Montana Men’s Foundation and the Ghost Rock Men’s Gathering. Marsolek has studied East Indian & African music for the past 12 years and is a recording – performing artist with the Drum Brothers.

Greg Jahn is a ceramic artist and yoga teacher from Montana. He has been engaged in numerous men’s gathering since 1988 with leaders such as Robert Bly, Michael Meade, James Hillman, Robert Moore and others. He has been instrumental in the formation of the Montana Men’s Foundation and has co-lead the Ghost Rock Men’s Gathering in Canada for five years.

For registration & further information:
Ken Fearnley, 921-3980
John Larsen, 477-2057
e-mail: fearnley@attcanada.ca

http://www.fireweedinstitute.org Infoline: (780) 433-1830

Urban Wild/Urban Food Gardening Course: Edmonton homeowners learn to convert a section of their lawn into either an organic vegetable garden or a garden featuring native species – flowers, grasses, shrubs, berry bushes, and trees. Help transform our urbanscape into one that can increase its self-reliance in food production and increase biodiversity by re-introducing species native to this parkland region. Novice or experienced gardeners welcome. Participants will leave with a master garden plan, a plant list, and a work plan. Topics covered include:

“¢ Principles of the Urban Food/Urban Wild Project
“¢ Garden Design and Garden Styles
“¢ Creating a Master Garden Plan
“¢ Native Plant Alternatives and Suppliers
“¢ Yard Preparation – Soil Building, Lawn Removal
“¢ Organic Vegetable Gardening (biointensive methods)
“¢ Water Conservation and Composting

Dates: Monday eve’s from 7-9:30 (May 12, 26, June 2-9, June 16, and June 23) Location: Robertson-Wesley United Church – Memorial Hall, 10209-123 Street. Cost: $145 ($75 for additional person working on the same yard)

Urban Wild Garden Tour #1: Explores alternatives to a lawn, from xeriscaping (no lawn but other soil covers) to permaculture (perennial grasses and flowers, often native) to speciality gardens and issues like water conservation and biodiversity. Those interested in our 2004 Urban Wild Course to convert lawn into a garden of native wildflowers, grasses, and shrubs should come see what is possible.

Date: Sunday, July 6, 2003 – Time: 12 to 4 p.m. / Cost: $5
Meeting Place: Please call or check our website for details.

Urban Food Garden Tour #2: Explores alternatives to a lawn, especially organic vegetable gardening. As part of sustainable city, the Urban Food Project encourages urban food sufficiency to reduce the climate impacts from industrial agriculture and globally transported food. This tour will introduce you to a range of organic gardening designs and techniques, discuss heritage seeds, and address issues like water conservation and biodiversity. Those interested in becoming participants in our 2004 Urban Food Course, converting a lawn into an organic veggie garden, should come see what is possible.

Date: Sunday, Aug 24, 2003 – Time: 12 to 4 p.m. Cost: $5.
info@fireweedinstitute.org http://www.fireweedinstitute.org

‘Hands Across Edmonton – Hands Across the Globe’
2:00 p.m. Monday May 19, 2003 / Info: 988-2713

Edmonton’s Peace Dove will be the focal point for what is hoped will be Canada’s largest Peace Chain. Edmontonians of all faiths and political persuasions will gather on the Victoria Day holiday at the Peace Dove located west of the Muttart Conservatory to create the Peace Chain.

Joining hands will symbolize a dialogue of civilizations, a ‘reaching out and holding on’ for peace, in stark contrast to the clash of civilizations idea promoted by the war makers. The Peace Chain will reach north and south from the Peace Dove.
Organizers would like to see the Peace Chain span the North Saskatchewan River across the nearby Cloverdale foot bridge, and stretch south, up the Mill Creek Ravine. Using pedestrian paths and bridges will ensure that there will be no interference with motor vehicle traffic.

Hands Across Edmonton- Hands across the Globe is intended to express a cross-cultural collective vision of peace and justice in the aftermath of the war on Iraq, and now the illegal American occupation of that country.
Following the formation of the Peace Chain, participants will be encouraged to create their own Peace Picnics in the river valley park system. For more information about ‘Hands Across Edmonton – Hands Across the Globe’ kindly contact ECAWAR at:

Tel: 988-2713 http://www.wage-peace.org

Sunday, May 18th, 2003 ~ Doors Open @ 8:00 p.m.
Shaw Convention Center ~ cash bar & Tapas all night
General Admission: $35 in Advance (or) $45 at the door

The Dominican/Cuban Association of Calgary in conjunction with Salsaddiction/ SalsaOnSundays & Spice Productions are proud to present …

The Greatest Salsa Performer of all times! Mr. Oscar D’Leon. For the first time in Canada, directly from Venezuela, the biggest Salsero of the world!
Oscar D’Leon is a genuine Latin music legend and possibly the most recognized Venezuelan artist outside his own country. More than 20 years of experience in show business including 60-recorded albums. This extraordinary entertainer clearly delivers his intense love and passion for music. His performances world wide, including places such as; L.A., Miami, New York, Rome and Paris brand him as the “Master of Salsa.”

Advance tickets: http://www.ticketmaster.ca (451-8000)
Paraiso Tropical (9136-118 Ave, Tel. 479-6000)
Salsaddiction (10565-114St, Tel. 913-4655)
Spice Productions (Tel. 953-2468 – 24hr Hotline)

Do not miss this unforgettable evening! See you at the show! / To buy tickets or additional info, please call 953-2468 (24hr Hotline) at Spice Productions.

E-mail: jizquierdo@albchem.com

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