Primetime Update

Week of October 24, 2003

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This week’s episode was supposed to be titled, “The one with the cake.” However, as luck would have it, the network decided to show en episode from last season in which Ross and Rachel sing “Baby got Back,” to Emma in an attempt to make her laugh. Maybe next week we’ll have some cake.

Friends airs on Thursdays at 8:00pm Alberta Time, on Global (channel 7 in Calgary)

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Last week Burton was voted off the island along with his arrogance and a warning that the challenges would no longer be guaranteed as they were when he was involved. And maybe, just maybe, as awful as that would be, he was right.

This episode starts with the Morgan tribe, along with Drake visitor Rupert, being forced to move the shelter as the threat of being flooded is getting larger. This event allows us to contrast Rupert, who is openly critical of the tribe, with Morgan’s tribe mates, who spend more time bitching and bickering than they do actually trying to accomplish something. Rupert expresses that he knows why it takes them hours to do things. However, in the spirit of respect and brotherhood, Rupert teaches Ryan O how to properly use the fishing spear, and although they lose the biggest fish, they bring back a bounty for Morgan to share.

On Drake, the teammates, now lacking the strength of both Rupert and Burton, are missing the big guy terribly. They even decide to save their last can of spam for his return. However, all the talk of Rupert brings them, especially Trish, to wonder what kind of information Rupert is providing the other tribe, without being aware of it.

Now on to the reason Rupert is at Morgan in the first place, the reward challenge. It is a retrieval and assembly challenge where tribes must first retrieve 8 ladder rungs that are hidden underwater, then they must send someone into the jungle to retrieve an idol hidden in an old Spanish well, assemble the ladder, and place their idol on top of a designated platform. Both tribes get off to a good start, however, Drake (with Jon manning the rudder) quickly loses control of their boat, which gives Morgan, with Rupert’s full participation, the chance to push far ahead.

Morgan takes this chance to leave Drake in the dust as they win the reward, which consisted of their first puzzle piece, the chance to loot an item from Drake, a portable shower, a pot for boiling water, two jerry cans, rain jackets, sponges, shampoo, and conditioner. As the tribe celebrates their victory, Rupert is offered the choice to enjoy the reward and then return to Drake, or to simply return to Drake immediately. He chose the latter, as he calls Drake his “home.”

When Andrew comes to the Drake camp to “steal” an item, Rupert, knowing Morgan has only enough food for two meals, suggests that he take a bag of rice (to which he adds more than was previously allotted). Rupert admits that he is beloved by both tribes, but wonders whether it will come back to haunt him.

The immunity challenge involved filling the belly of each person on the island with sea creature smoothies. The ingredient consisted of red shellfish, sardines, razor clams, bleeding clams, sea water, squid, mango, rock oysters, conch, octopus, coconut juice, and a mysterious concoction of which Jeff had control. The wheel was spun, and two random ingredients were put in a blender and pureed. Drake went into the challenge with a strategy, their strongest stomach (Michelle, who you’ll remember was part of Burton’s alliance) was to pretend to be the weakest stomach, thus tricking the other team into choosing her in the event of a tiebreaker, which was inevitable as the determination of each person allowed everyone to keep down their drink. Of course, Drake’s mouths dropped as Michelle easily downed her first shake without a second thought. In the end it came down to Darrah for Morgan, and Sandra for Drake. Both did well on their smoothie, however, Sandra had trouble with the raw, scaly, sardine chaser, and Darrah won Morgan’s second immunity.

When considering what was to happen at tribal council, doubts were had by both Sandra (who’d lost the challenge) and Michelle (who’d gone against team strategy). A lovely scene is shown where Michelle is making her plea to Rupert that Shawn, and not her, should be voted out because she does more work and tries harder. However, in the middle of the conversation she runs off the beach and begins to vomit behind a fallen tree. Without even a flinch or frown, Rupert follows her and continues the conversation as she it being sick, and then he shovels sand onto the mess. But the plea was not enough to keep her, and the tribe votes Michelle out of the game.

Events foretold for next week include: one castaway having a sincere talk with a snake, a closely won reward challenge that gives a tribe a little heat and maybe some food, a stunning confession made by an opposing tribe’s member when they come to loot, and immunity weighs on two survivors who carry the fates of their tribes on their shoulders.

Survivor airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm Alberta time on Global (channel 7 in Calgary).

The Bachelor

Last week we watched as Meredith (voted most compatible) went on a single date with Bob to the beach where the two shared kisses and dinner inside a big sand castle. Then Mary, Kelly Jo and Misty went to a PJ party at a karaoke bar, and all was well. This week we’ll see Lee-Ann (voted least compatible) on her one on one date with Bob, as well as Estella, Karin, Jenny, Brooke and Antoinette going on a group date to the water park.

Lee-Ann’s date fronts a hefty bill as the date box alone was worth over a million dollars. The evening consisted of a vintage limo ride to the Queen Mary, were they enjoy a private dinner, fireworks, and a classical quartet. The whole night, or at least what is portrayed as the whole night, was spent kissing under the stars. Before returning home, Lee-Ann admits that she’d be shocked if she didn’t receive a rose at this week’s ceremony.

The next date is the swim date, where the group visits a water park that has been closed just for the occasion. Most of the group is enjoying themselves, with the exception of Karin, who is preoccupied with the reapplication of her make-up as well as her sense that she will not receive a rose. After the park, the half dozen proceed (by bus, which definitely compares to Lee-Ann’s transport 🙂 ) back to the house where Bob spends alone time with each of the girls. To Estella, he reveals that he’s surprised to be on a five person date with her instead of a one on one.

Going into the Rose ceremony, Bob feels certain that he knows at least 5 of the women who are to be offered roses; however the 6th is still up for grabs. Bob spends more alone time with each woman. He experiences a confrontation from Lee-Ann, who is intoxicated, regarding her negative feelings about living with and sharing a man with other women. She also gives him a warning that if he doesn’t intend to keep her until the end, he should send her home. Bob then continues his evening by having a conversation with all ten women at once, in which he expresses the seriousness with which he’s treating the situation. After hearing and considering some of the responses to his statements, Bob confesses that all of the roses are now up for grabs.

In the end, Bob offers roses to Mary, Kelly Jo, Lee-Ann, Estella, and Meredith. Lee-Ann admits afterwards that it’ll still be hard to share with five other women, however it’ll be easier (on everyone) now that Jenny (who Lee-Ann had a confrontation with last episode) is gone. In my view, this chic, as pretty and intelligent as she is, is on the wrong show to have these kinds of feelings.

The Bachelor airs Wednesdays at 9:00pm (E/P)

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