Getting It ‘Write’ – AU’s Write Site

If You’re looking for a single place to find all the academic writing help you need, look no further. AU’s Write Site has it covered, from grammar quizzes to ESL support to feedback on individual assignments.

Whether You’re trying to organize an essay or put the finishing touches on a project, there’s something for everyone at this easy-to-navigate site: the main page outlines just what the Write Site can do; the Staff and Coaching sections explain how to request feedback; and there’s even a link to AU writing courses.

Along with the support offered by Write Site staff, students have access to lots of great information, including links to Evaluation of ESL sites. The Writing Resources section includes a comprehensive look at topics such as The Writing Process, Organization, Style, and more, as well as the English Grammar Handbook provided by the AU Centre for Language and Literature.

The writing samples are a great help when you just can’t figure out how to organize that argumentative or expository essay, and sections on other writing genres are being added.

There’s a lot more to explore at the Write Site, including timed writing assessments, so why not grab your mouse and check it out? It might just make writing that next essay a breeze.