Click of the Wrist – All Secure

In Burma, pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been charged after a security breach that saw an American man gain access to her home. She may be at the mercy of a corrupt government, but even those with power (and freedom) have plenty to deal with when it comes to security.

Breach of Etiquette

The words ?Buckingham Palace? usually conjure up images of polite tea parties and polo ponies, not unbalanced intruders rambling around in the Queen’s bedroom at night. It seems that the royal family isn’t quite as secure as they could be, as this recap of security breaches shows.

The Beast

And you thought a vehicle armed with tear gas cannons, night-vision camera, and oxygen tanks was purely the stuff of spy novels. Not if You’re President Obama, It’s not. His presidential limo, nicknamed The Beast, is said to be able to ?protect against bullets, chemical attack, and even a missile strike.?

Celebrity Stalkers

As this article points out, ?Celebrity stalkers may seem like harmless nut cases on the evening newscasts,? but It’s a far different thing for the people they target. Celebrities or not, the constant need for vigilance and heightened security measures takes a very real toll.

FBI Famous Cases

When it comes to security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has handled everything from the Lindbergh kidnapping to Enron. This site offers the official story on some of the most fascinating cases in the Bureau’s history.