AUSU Update

AUSU e-newsletters a success

AUSU has been piloting the use of e-newsletters to contact our student body over the last year. We began by sending these newsletters to students registered on our website, and after a very positive initial response, we are now sending e-newsletters to all students currently enrolled in any AU undergrad course, as well as all students registered on our site who wish to receive email. we’re looking forward to keeping in closer touch with our members, and hope in future to be able to send regular monthly e-newsletters to all members (though we’ll also respect your right to unsubscribe). If there’s something you’d like to see included in our newsletters, please let us know!

Instructional model survey

Last June, AUSU learned that AU planned to move all undergraduate courses to a call centre model (like the one currently used in AU’s Faculty of Business) beginning in September. We felt that this was a very major change, and was surprised that the university had not conducted consultation of AU’s students or academics. AUSU drafted a survey and sent it to all our members via e-newsletter. Over 2,500 of you took the time to fill out this survey, giving us a wealth of information about what’s important to AU’s undergrad students. The AUSU Executive is now working to make sure that these important student perspectives are communicated to the university, and we have presented our survey results report to a number of AU community members and committees, including CUPE 3911 (the AU tutors? union) and the Board of Governors (AU’s highest governing body).

DegreeWorks now available

We’ve been waiting for AU to roll out their new DegreeWorks system?and It’s finally available to students! If you started an AU program after September 2010, you can now use DegreeWorks to see how your courses fulfill the requirements of your program. DegreeWorks is available online anytime, and can instantly help you see which courses you still need to complete on the way to your credential. Let us know what you think of DegreeWorks, and we’ll make sure we let the university know how they’re doing meeting student needs.

Get in touch with us

Have comments or questions about AUSU or anything in this column? Feel free to get in touch with AUSU President Bethany at You can also e-mail our office at or call 1-800-788-9041 ext. 3413. We’d love to hear from you!

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