Did You Know? – W3Schools

Back in the day, it was all about learning the ?three Rs.? Now, with the explosion of information technology into our everyday lives, many of us are more concerned with keeping up with the three Ws: specifically, the www, the worldwide web.

It’s becoming more and more common for employers even in fields unrelated to information technology to expect prospective employees to show a basic familiarity with HTML, the web, and maybe even CSS or Java. And even if You’re working your dream job already, staying current with the technology will help you keep ahead of the game?or at least not feel quite so lost in the sea of tech terms.

The W3Schools tutorials, freely available online, offer users the opportunity to learn the basics of web development or brush up on their skills. Similar to Code Year, though less formal, W3Schools still structures its material and lessons in a logical way, allowing users to start out gently and move on to more difficult skills later. Those who want to go beyond the basics can use the W3Schools materials to obtain their certification in a particular coding language.

Even if You’re not specifically interested in taking a tutorial at this time, you’ll want to bookmark the site for its handy reference pages, forums, and more.