Click of the Wrist – Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving! While dinner’s in the oven, enjoy discovering a different side of turkey, cranberries, vegetables, and pie. Whether You’re celebrating with a vegetarian feast or cooking the ?traditional? turkey and trimmings, these links serve up some unique table talk:

Turkey Tale

Ever wonder why turkeys share a name with a country on a different continent? Linguists disagree on the exact etymology, but this NPR radio program presents two of the more popular theories.

Art of Carving

Vegetables may not normally be considered the focal point of the table, but they certainly can be. The ancient Thai art of Kae Sa Luk creates awe-inspiring sculptures from carved vegetables and fruits. You can find some of the stunning results in the Bangkok-based Carving Institute’s photo collection. Healthy food never looked so good!

Growing Pains

Most of us are vaguely aware of how cranberries are grown, but It’s a more complex process than just wading through a bog to pick the berries. This multimedia web ?course? takes readers behind the fascinating scenes of cranberry production.

Just Desserts

Thanksgiving dinner wouldn’t be complete without a pie, pumpkin or otherwise. These historical anecdotes shed some light on the fascinating history of pie-making; from ancient Egyptian concoctions to ?animated? pies like in the nursery rhyme ?Sing a Song of Sixpence? (yes, they were real!), you’ll have plenty to discuss over dessert.