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There were no new posts this week, but students continued discussions about online vs. paper exams, AUSU spending, and course GEOL 207.

AthaU Facebook Group
Samir wonders whether it’s permissible to us Chegg for assignments. Heidi posts some questions about switching to a Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program. Jesse seeks advice on applying for student funding.
Other posts include student planners, tutor expectations, Sunday morning login woes, failing an exam, and courses HIST 209, MKTG 396, PHIL 33, PHYS 200, and WGST 304.

@AthabascaU tweets: “Double distinction for members of AU community receiving Alberta’s top honour #AlbertaOrderOfExcellence”
@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweeted: “A new Exec blog by VPEX Bonita Arbeau is up on our site! For a glimpse into what AUSU is up to, check it out here: ?”