Dear Barb – The Scary Cost

Dear Barb:

For quite a while I have been watching the American political election and I can’t believe the popularity of Donald Trump. I think he is a bully who is inciting hatred and racism! Why are the American people attracted to him? On social media I have seen the comparisons between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler! This is a scary situation that will undoubtedly affect Canada as well. Is this the direction the world is headed? Scared in Timmins Ontario.

Hey there Scared:

You are not alone in your fears. It seems Donald Trump has tapped into an anger and dissatisfaction within the American people. They believe he is the answer to making their world better; similar to what Hitler did with the German people. In reality I don’t believe Donald Trump is the answer. As you can see in the debates, he does not have a grasp of the American political system and if, for some strange reason he became the President of the United States, he will be exposed for what he is. Hopefully he does not get that far before the American people come to their senses. Let’s remember Donald Trump is a reality TV star and possibly this is just another part for him to play. There are still quite a few months left in this campaign, so let’s just see how it all plays out. Thanks for your question.

Dear Barb:

As wedding season is approaching I see a lot of my friends and their parents struggling with the high costs of weddings these days. It is ridiculous! The brides are so consumed with having everything perfect that it ends up being a nightmare for everyone involved. My friend’s daughter spent $1,500 on her wedding dress alone. She still has to get the shoes, veil, undergarments and jewelry! In fact, my friend’s parents had to take out a loan to pay for their daughter’s wedding. I am not planning to marry in the near future, but when I do, I will be putting more effort into my marriage than my wedding. Why are weddings so out of control! Karla

Hi Karla:

I have been observing the same things as you are. The average cost of a wedding in Canada today is almost $32,000! The cost of being a bridesmaid can run as high as $1,700, even being a guest could be $600 if it includes an overnight stay. It is important to celebrate your wedding day with family and friends, but really, $32,000 is a nice down payment on a house! I don’t know why weddings are so out of control, possibly the influx of reality wedding shows is creating a trend on the type of wedding you “must” have, including a show devoted strictly to choosing the right wedding dress. There are many ways to have a beautiful wedding without the outrageous expenses. Google has many websites catering to the less expensive wedding. Here are a couple worth checking out:

Thanks for your great letter Karla.

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