Dear Barb—Diet Decisions

Dear Barb:

Hi, I read your column often and I was waiting for one to come out about people’s struggles with dieting in the New Year. I am looking for a good diet since I need to lose about 40 pounds. It seems every time I hear about a great new diet, within a year it turns out to be unhealthy in one way or another. I was just getting ready to start the keto diet and yesterday I saw something on the news saying it wasn’t a healthy choice for long term. I have even tried to go vegan, but I ended up feeling unwell and my doctor thought I wasn’t getting enough protein. It seemed to require so much work that I went back to eating meat. I just want a way to eat so I can lose some weight and remain healthy and be able to sustain it long term. Is that even a possibility? Thanks Candice.

Hi Candice;

You are the first column of the year on dieting. What you are asking is definitely a possibility. I agree the dieting industry is constantly changing and it’s difficult to know if the diet you choose will be healthy and sustainable. Three of the top weight loss diets in 2019 are the Mediterranean Diet, WW (formerly Weight Watchers), and the Vegetarian Diet.  Researching each of these diets will help you to find a way to eat in order to lose weight and stay healthy for the long term.

Three of the worst diets for weight loss in 2019 are the Carnivore Diet, the Whole30 Diet and the Keto Diet. Do your research and find out. Also consult the Canada Food Guide. The Guide will provide you with information for maintaining a balanced and healthy diet and ways to develop healthy eating habits, such as eating mindfully. Don’t eat on the run; sit down and pay attention to what and how you are eating; basically, enjoy your meal.

Diets that provide rapid weight loss are proven over and over again to be temporary, and when the weight comes back, it is usually with a few extra pounds added on, thus resulting in the yo-yo affect.  Staying active should also be included in a healthy weight loss program. Choose to walk rather than drive when possible. Include a yoga or meditation class as part of your daily routine. When feasible use whole food rather than processed. Take the time to prepare veggies and fruit for snacks, rather than grabbing a bag of chips or other sugary snacks. If fresh fruit is not available, choose unsweetened, frozen or canned. Frozen veggies are a better choice than canned as canned is usually high in salt. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water rather than pop or other sugary drinks. Make sure to eat at least three meals a day.  When you make good food choices you will naturally lose weight, but give it time, if you want the weight to stay off you have to make a lifestyle change and stay with it. Diets offer short terms results that do not last. Thanks for your letter Candice; I hope this information is helpful.

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