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AUSU Council Meeting Notes

This month’s AUSU student council meeting revealed Council’s concern over Athabasca University’s tuition hike. The proposed increase is said to cover new courses being offered by Athabasca University. The student council does not support higher tuition fees, especially when the quality standards of courses remain the same. In traditional universities, students pay extra fees for… Read more »

AUSU November 2004 Council Meeting Notes – Student Coverage

This year’s convocation was a hot topic at this month’s AUSU council meeting. AU has some concern over the large number of graduates this year, (major concerns over this include fire code violations, and hours-long ceremonies.) The council is anticipating solutions that could include mixed ceremonies for graduates and undergraduates, or a three-day-long convocation. One… Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting – Oct 1, 2004

At the October 1 AUSU Council Meeting, council discussed a number of financial issues. Among them was a review of the proposed new budget for the 2004/05 fiscal year. This year, student fees have been slightly lower than anticipated, but AUSU was able to save over $60,000 by cutting funding from the student planner project… Read more »

AUSU Council meeting, September 13th/04 – Student Coverage

This month, the AUSU student council was focused on going through the list of committees, evaluating which committees reflect the interests of AUSU, and eliminating dormant or unnecessary ones, since many committees currently overlap their purposes. (As one student council member aptly put it, “if we don’t know what committees are out there, how do… Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting – August 15, 2004 – Student Coverage

This month’s AUSU council meeting started with the council further probing new methods of providing monetary scholarships. Last month, the council agreed that to ensure the awards be used for education, the scholarship amount would be deposited to the Registrar’s Office, directly supplementing the student’s next tuition fee, instead of issuing a personal cheque. This… Read more »

AUSU COUNCIL MEETING – July 19, 2004 – Student Coverage

Highlights of the July 19th Council Meeting The July 19th AUSU council meeting saw a proposal from the AUSU Marketing/PR Committee, who are looking to update and redesign the AUSU website. The committee will solicit student input on the accessibility, content, and navigation problems of the current site, before creating a new layout for…. Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting – May 4, 2004 – Student Coverage

At this month’s meeting, Call Centre concerns were aired, including the Centre’s long return process, and unsatisfactory response content. A representative of the AU registrar’s office attended the early part of the meeting, answering questions and taking notes on several issues, including current scholarship eligibility- it seems that while full-time student status is a requirement… Read more »

AUSU Council Meeting- February 22nd, 2004

First on the docket of this month’s AUSU council meeting was AU’s current standards of quality; I think we’ve all received the green, photocopied Student Handbooks with our course materials, and some students have even received photocopied versions of textbooks. Rest assured, the situation is being looked into, and a letter to AU will be… Read more »