News From AU – Science Outreach Update (Boreal Forest); Au Where Are You?; Briefs

March 26, 2003

News From AU – Science Outreach Update (Boreal Forest); Au Where Are You?; Briefs

Science Outreach Update

Robert Holmberg, Associate Professor, Biology, reports on recent activities of Science Outreach – Athabasca:

Conservation in the Boreal Forest

Elston Dzus from Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries spoke at AU Central on March 20 as part of Science Outreach’s public presentations. Many Albertans have little knowledge about this secretive member of the deer family that currently sits on the provincial and national list of species at risk. Elston provided an overview of the biology, distribution and factors affecting the survival of woodland caribou in Alberta. He challenged the audience to get involved in the conservation of this majestic (but seldom seen) creature of the boreal forest.

Elston started studying caribou in 1996 as a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Alberta. He has continued his interest in these endangered mammals along with his other work, such as biodiversity and fire ecology studies, as a forest ecologist.

Other upcoming presentations by Science Outreach – Athabasca:

Alberta Bugs: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Speaker: Terry Thormin, Alberta Provincial Museum
April 8, 7-9 pm, Nancy Appleby Theatre (Athabasca)

A Naturalist in the American Tropics
Speaker: John Acorn, the Nature Nut
May 22, 7-9 pm, Nancy Appleby Theatre (Athabasca)

Tickets for these presentations can be obtained from Linda Lindballe (6653), Robert Holmberg (6203) or Wayne Brehaut (6737). For more information check out our web site.


AU – Where are You?

AU’s reach extends to all corners of the world – even to the Taj Mahal. Marguerite Koole, web integration coordinator, took time out of her vacation in India to help spread the AU message.



The Centre for World Indigenous Knowledge and Research (CWIKR) presents the latest in its Four Seasons Indigenous Speaker Series:
Who: Tracey Lindberg, Associate Professor
Where: Edmonton Learning Centre, Room 225
When: Friday, March 28 – Noon to 1 pm
Topic: “Legislating and Adjudicating Race and Culture in Canada: The Creation and Entrenchment of Stereotypes about Indigenous People.”

Tracey Lindberg is Cree from northern Alberta. She is currently on sabbatical leave from AU, teaching and working on her Doctorate in Law at the U of Ottawa.

Everyone is invited, particularly tutors, faculty, and staff whose work involves Indigenous peoples. The presentation will also be videoconferenced to the Governing Council chambers. For further information, contact Janice (; 428-2064).

NSERC Matchmaking Service: The NSERC Concourse ( is a space designed to allow students, researchers and companies to find research partners in areas of mutual interest by submitting descriptive postings. This free service is offered to individuals and to organizations involved in research falling under NSERC’s mandate. Submit postings via email directly to and appear for a maximum of 90 days.

The new eduSource web site ( is up and running
Take a tour of the resources and information available online.

Canada Research Chair Martin Connors points out that AU is getting around

The Office of Learning Technologies web site ( (Human Resources Development Canada) uses the example of “lifelong learning” when offering tips on how to search its site, followed by “Terry Anderson” (AU’s other Canada Research Chair) as an example of how to capitalize proper names to get precise matching. The AU word is spreading!

The Centre for Innovative Management (CIM) has entered into a strategic alliance with the Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA Canada) to provide enhanced access to AU’s Executive MBA programs.On March 18, Peter Carr and Lee Weissling of CIM attended the official signing ceremony in the Mississauga headquarters of CMA Canada.

Under the terms of the agreement, CIM recognizes the CMA designation as a leading international strategic financial management credential, and offers CMAs advanced and transfer credit for required financial and accounting courses and some electives in the AU MBA. This alliance is one of two that CIM has formed with financial management professional associations, the first one was launched with CGA–Canada in September 2001.

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