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There is just one week left to get your entry in for the first Voice writing contest. Entries will be accepted up until midnight MST on October 15, 2003. Our judging panel – which so far contains two confirmed AU English tutors – will then take over, to select a winner in each of the two categories.

We’ve also arranged for some great consolation prizes for the top entries, so how you’ve got more reasons to try out! Write voice@ausu.org if you have any questions.


NATURE NOTES – Zoe Dalton describes how natural disasters lead to rejuvenated ecosystems

21st CENTURY POPE – Stephen Murgatroyd reveals the modern selection process for a new pontiff.

FAMILY HEIRLOOM, NOT FOR SALE – Teresa Neuman knows that treasure is measured by the heart, not the wallet

BIG WEEK FOR CANADIAN SPORTS – Soccer and cycling and hockey, oh my! Shannon Maguire tells you who’s playing, and how Canada fares in international competition

LEARNING ENGLISH – Jana Thurova explains how foreign students are unknowingly short-changed by under qualified English teachers.


This week look for the new, brief column – “Taking Notes: Eye on Education.” Here you will find information on current happenings in the education world, AU course alerts [pitfalls that you will want to avoid], and more. Look for Taking Notes each week, and keep informed!


As mentioned last week, and in Debbie Jabbour’s letter in this issue, AUSU Council now has three more members. To help you get to know them a little better, I asked them if they would grant me a short interview or send a brief bio statement so that I could introduce them to their student members.

The three new council members are:

Teresa Neuman: Ottawa Ontario
Stacey Steele: Redcliff Alberta
Ryan Wagner: Edmonton Alberta

Teresa is enrolled in AU’s Bachelor of Professional Arts program with a concentration in Communication Studies. She is a new resident of Ottawa, having moved quite recently across country from Saskatchewan. Voice readers will recognize her name as the author of the monthly “Worth a Second Look” column, which she has written since 2001 on topics including health care, education, the environment, and food. She is also working to set up an AUSU coffee group in the Ottawa area, where fellow AU students can meet and socialize or talk about issues affecting distance education. Teresa has been a hard-working member of the AUSU Handbook/Planner committee since its inception, and she has also taken on the task of chairing the new committee on AUSU Newsletters. For more information on Teresa, you can check out her bio on the AUSU website, at: http://www.ausu.org/council/council8.php. Photos will be posted shortly.

Stacey has just recently become an AU student. A 28 year old mother of two, she is pleased to have this opportunity to continue her studies, which were suspended when she moved to the small town of Redcliff, where there is no university. She is also excited about being on council, and having an opportunity to work and advocate for AU students. Stacey is currently enrolled in an AU psychology/women’s studies program, and like Teresa, she is working to set up a coffee group in her own local area. Also, she has been a member of the AUSU academic committee for several months, and has recently become a frequent Voice writer, debuting on August 13th with “A Day In The Park.”

I was not able to catch up with Ryan, but I do know that his Edmonton coffee group will be having its second meeting on October 8th, and that he has volunteered to be a part of the AUSU legislative committee.

For more information on AUSU coffee groups, see the Coffee Groups page under Groups and Clubs on the AUSU Website. Bios and photos of the new councillors should be posted shortly.

The Voice would like to congratulate all of the new council members, and looks forward to the fresh ideas that they will surely bring to the organization.


The Voice fiction feature has become popular, but submissions have been slow. Send us your best fiction today, and it might become our next feature.

The Voice needs some new Voices! We know you have plenty to say, so why not get paid for it. Send us a writing sample or article for submission and you might be published in an upcoming issue. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it pays. Contact voice@ausu.org for more details.