Primetime Update

Week of August 8, 2004


AMAZING RACE – Wednesdays – 9pm on CTV

Last week the teams pigged out on caviar. Not far behind, but still behind, Bob and Joyce were eliminated.

This week the teams depart from St. Catherine’s Palace and head for the Hermitage, in St. Petersburg by train. The Hermitage is one of the world’s largest museums. When they arrive a Curator will follow each team in their search for Rembrandt’s painting: “The Return of the Prodigal Son.” When they find it, the curator will give them their next clue.

Charla and Mirna walk to the train station, while the other teams take a cab. When Colin and Christie arrive at the museum, they don’t think things through and it takes them a while to realize that Jesus is the prodigal son.

SECOND CLUE: Fly more than 2000 miles to Cairo, Egypt and find the Tower of Cairo: an observation area overlooking the entire city.

Chip and Kim book tickets that will arrive in Cairo the next day at 3:15 pm. Everyone behind them books the same tickets, as every other office was closed. Linda/Karen and Kami/Karli race for last place. Thanks to an informative and helpful bystander Kami and Karli find their painting first and go to a travel agency to book tickets on the 3:15pm flight. However, the twins made it on the plane at the last minute and Linda/Karen miss the flight. They must wait until the next day to fly out of St. Petersburg. By a stroke of luck, however, they meet the rest of the teams in Frankfurt, and will take the same plane to Cairo.

Colin and Christie, however, managed to get on a flight that arrives at 2:25 pm, and later get on another early plane, which will arrive in Cairo at 2:25 am. As a result, Charla and Mirna take their 2:25 pm flight.

FAST FORWARD: This season there are only two fast-forwards in the entire game. This is the first one and will allow one team to skip all tasks and go right to the pit stop. Colin and Christie are the first team to get there, and decide to go for it. First they must find a sarcophagus and carry it to a Temple. When they deliver it to the priest, he gives them the location of the pit stop.

THIRD CLUE: Go to the Giza Plateau and follow the yellow rocks for the next clue. Charla can’t run in the desert’s sand, and Marshall’s legs are sore. In addition Linda trips in a hole and twists her ankle.

ROADBLOCK: One person must descend into the Osiris shaft, go down 140 ft, search a watery tomb for a satchel of artifacts and bring it back to the surface. The guy at the top of the big hole will give them their next clue.

Charla is the first one to complete the task; despite her size, she does fantastic. Inside the satchel is a map of Giza and some puzzle pieces. Once the puzzle is assembled over top of the map, a hole in the puzzle will point to the location of the next clue.

Kami and Karli are unable to figure out the puzzle and map clue, and head off into the desert without knowing where they’re going. Linda and Karen are the last to complete the roadblock, and they too head off without completing the puzzle equation. Chip and Kim, however, give Kami and Karli the clue.

DETOUR: Rock and Roll (use only ancient tools to transport heavy rocks over a length as big as a football field) OR Hump and Ride (on horseback, lead some camels to a carpet merchant who will give the next clue). Rock and Roll is definitely a more physically demanding task, but it will be faster than Hump and Ride, which depends on the mood of the camels for speed.

Charla and Mirna choose to ride horseback and Charla insists (once again) that she can do anything that everyone else can do. The rest of the teams arrive after the carpet merchant closes and must to the Rock and Roll task. Basically, one person pulls a sled with heavy stone blocks on it over a bunch of steel pipes laid perpendicular to some wooden planks, which serve as rollers. The second person must keep removing pipes from behind and placing them in front of the sled.

This task as well doesn’t bode well with the blonde twins.

PIT STOP: The Sphinx.
Order of Arrival:
1. Colin/Christie
2. Charla/Mirna
3. Brandon/Nicole
4. Chip/Kim
5. Marshall/Lance
6. Kami/Karli
7. Linda/Karen


Next week: How will Linda and Karen survive in Egypt with no money
Brandon and Nicole get “hot” (clips shows Brandon with no shirt on). Charla and Mirna and Colin and Christie butt heads, again, but which team will take the lead?


Brandon/Nicole – 25/21 – Actor/Model – Dating
Charla (midget)/Mirna – 27/27 – Store Manager/Lawyer – Cousins
Chip/Kim – 46/44 – Owner of Web Company/Owner of Recruit Company – Married parents
Colin/Christie – 24/26 – Cell phone store owner/pharmaceutical sales rep – Dating
Kami/Karli – 26/26 – CafĂ© Manager/Student – Twins
Linda/Karen – 45/41 – Mother, tennis teacher / mother, homemaker – Best Friends
Marshall/Lance – 31/26 – Restaurant Owner/Restaurant Owner – Brothers/ Restaurant Owner

Bob/Joyce – 61/54 – Retired/Medical Practice Administration – Internet Dating Couple
Dennis/Erika – 27/25 – Mortgage broker/wedding planner – Once Engaged
Alison/Donny – 23/21 – Unemployed/Student -Alison was on Big Brother 4 – Dating
Jim/Marsha – 53/26 – Helicopter Pilot/Law Student – Father/Daughter

BIG BROTHER 5 – Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays – 9pm on CBS

Last week, Drew put Holly and Nakomis on the block, Nakomis won the power of veto and Drew nominated Adria in her place. After a very long HOH competition, Diane won out and the girls finally got a hand up in the game.

On Saturday Diane stabbed the four horsemen in the chest by nominating Jase and Scott. Their powers of persuasion were effective after Jase won the power of veto. He took himself off the block and Diane did them a favor and nominated Marvin in his place.

After some really strong rallying in the house, the vote came down to a 4 to 3, in favor of Scott’s eviction. Following Scott’s eviction, Nakomis won HOH and on Saturday she got things started by nominating Marvin and Diane.

PROJECT DNA: The twin twist was revealed to the rest of the houseguests on Thursday, after Scott’s evictions. From what I could see, things are moving along quite nicely – no big outbursts, which are why I’ve been watching the show, but it happens right?

Adria (30) – Web Designer from Birmingham, AL. Married
Diane (22) – Cocktail Waitress from Burlington, KY. Single
Drew (22) – Recent College Graduate from Urbana, OH. Single
Jase (28) – Volunteer Firefighter from Decatur, IL. Single
Jennifer (21) – Restaurant Hostess from San Antonio, TX. Single
Karen (30) – Portrait Artist from Saddle Brook, NJ. Married
Marvin (36) – Mortician from Conway, SC. Single
Michael (23) – Security Officer from Durant, OK. Engaged dad.
Will (26) – Registered nurse from Tupelo, MS. Single, gay.

Mike (41) – Commercial Painter from Eastpointe, MI. Single dad.
Lori (26) – Yoga Instructor from Boston, MA. Single
Holly (20s) – Model from Los Angeles, CA. Single
Scott (26) – Sales Representative from Pittsburgh, PA. Single.

CANADIAN IDOL – Wednesdays, Thursdays – 9pm on CTV

The Top Ten: Each week we’ll review what song each finalist sang, what I thought (not that anyone cares), and what the judges thought.

This week the theme was Rock and Roll

Jacob Hoggard -“Everything”
Good song choice, good vocals, great presentation. Judges were very impressed.

Theresa Sokyrka – “Piece of My Heart”
She shouldn’t have chose Joplin. It’s not her. The judges agreed.

Kalan Porter – “Paint it Black”
Wicked. Judges didn’t really like the song choice, but then, I didn’t really like this week’s theme. What kind of song did they think he was going to choose? It’s not his style.

Kaleb Simmonds – “Hound Dog”
Still too many riffs for me, but the judges like it.

Jason Greely – “Proud Mary”
The audience loved it, but it was too karaoke for me, and for the judges.

Elena Juatco – “I Just Wanna Make Love to You.”
Horrid. Zack, Sass, and Jake agreed.

Shane Wiebe – “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”
He put a lot of effort into the higher vocal parts of this song, but it was way too gay for my tastes. The judges enjoyed his effort.

Joshua Seller – “Iris”
Vocally well done, but it wasn’t rock, and it wasn’t entertaining. This guy should sing for Disney.

People Canada Sent Home:
Manoah Hartman
Brandy Callahan

On the results show, I found out that Theresa and Elena are nothing but really bad Karaoke singers. These are the girls who go to the bar, get really drunk and then get on stage. They shouldn’t be here. Jason, Shane, and Joshua are on the same note.

This week’s bottom three: Elena Juatco, Shane Wiebe, and Joshua Seller
Who went home? Joshua Seller

FOR LOVE OR MONEY – Tuesdays – 10 pm

I stopped watching this show, for reasons of wanting to keep my own dignity.

LAST COMIC STANDING – Tuesday & Thursday, 9PM

On Tuesday all six comics performed really well. Although there’s not much I can report, it was definitely worth watching.

On Thursday America’s votes were revealed and Tammy Pescatelli, Cathleen Madigan, and Jay London (again) were eliminated.

This Tuesday, watch John Heffron, Gary Gulman, and Alonzo Bodden compete for the title of Last Comic Standing. The winner will be revealed on Thursday.

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