Flicks & Folios – Film Review: Mars Mission (1992)

From UFOs to possible life on other planets, this column goes places!

Mars Mission is really a videotape of a United Nations presentation by speaker Richard D. Hoagland. Talking to the honorable assembly would be pretty cool for me but to a former NASA scientist maybe not. He is easily the most interesting speaker I’ve heard in a while and makes sure that every base is covered during his presentation.

Richard begins with a basic history of the face on Mars and its discovery. He amazes me by giving credit where credit is due. He gives out team member’s names and acknowledges their contributions. I rarely hear that from people. He states the process of doubt and the team’s questions to themselves and each other. He shows us that this is not a group of gullible kids in a room going, “hey man, that rock kinda looks like…”

He then gets into details of the rock and planet and that’s where the fun begins. We are taken on a trip to math class. Only this math kind of gets spooky. I’m not able to balance my checkbook on a bad day, and looking at the quantum physics calculations made me dizzy.

We learn what a tetrahedron is and what it has to do with the calculations of planetary physics. This shape is very important and anyone wanting to really understand what is going on should remember the shape and the basic repeating number. Richard makes that frightfully easy as he continues to show the repetitions of the number in Mars and Earth geography. We then branch out and see it on other planets and why it means something to those balls of spinning atoms.

Freakier still are the connections he touches on. Stonehenge, primitive man, planetary travel, crop circles and how they somehow connect into Mars again. Or is it that Earth connects into Mars? The most haunting moment for me was when I saw the illustration of Earth and Mars shrunk to corresponding sizes and how the Sphinx of Egypt, the nearby city and the Giza pyramids lay perfectly over the exact same shapes on Mars (face, tholus and pyramidal shapes.) How odd such perfectly coordinated shapes could fit on the exact same areas of land on two separate planets!

Now all the while the American space agency NASA has been disputing these calculations and the meaning of a face on a separate planet. Yet at the same time they will not investigate and we find out they have a seriously bummed up track record. The agency has been warned, investigated and cautioned by the government many times. This leaves little confidence in their willingness to look at the questions of a respected scientist in a fair and open-minded manner.

Now of course one wonders what do all of these points, mathematic calculations and inferences mean? I’m not sure even Richard D. Hoagland knows the answer to that. It says to me, “hard to explain.” It says, “please stop listening to NASA.”

If you want to see further information check out his book, The Monuments of Mars, or some of the links listed below. The first link, if you scroll down, has some absolutely awesome photos. My favorites are of the “glass tunnels.” Amazing. Others include inexplicable “pyramids” and a “face” in the sea of Japan.

The second link takes you to a portion of the speech from Richard at the UN Assembly and illustrates the face on Mars and the cool reaction from the assembly when they “get” it. I hope you enjoy this unique site and film.


Laura Seymour first published herself, at age 8. She has since gone on to publish a cookbook for the medical condition Candida. She is working toward her B.A. (Psyc).