Click On This – Winter Wonderland

We all look forward to winter when it means a white Christmas, or a little snow-fort weekend fun, but when January hits the winter blahs begin to set in, and snow becomes an unwelcome friend. So while the weather outside is frightful, why not make your indoor time more delightful with a little websurfing?

Snow Days –
A snow day doesn’t have to mean no play. This site lets you make your very own snowflakes, and without the hassle of cold hands, wet clothes, and a drippy nose!

Electron Microscope Images of Snow –
Of course, if you really love snow, you may want to see it up close, very close.

Weird and Different Recipes –
And when you’re all tuckered out after a long afternoon’s cutting out virtual snowflakes, why not snack on one of these tasty treats? Warning: This site contains some recipes that may not be suitable for the more sensitive. Please surf with caution.

Most of us are familiar with Christmas and Hannukah, but I think Kwanzaa still remains a little mysterious. Here’s a site that can help you understand this winter celebration.

Bizarre and Unusual Holidays –
Speaking of celebrations and holidays, why not spend January celebrating Hot Tea Month or National Soup Month? It’s chilly time of year, so it’s a perfect time for tea and soup!

Bianca’s Party Generator –
Looking for a little whimsical help planning your next celebration? This site can help. But remember, you might get some suggestions that seem a little… left of centre.