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In a big, wide world such as we’ve got for ourselves, you’d think we would never run out of things to do. Yet, sometimes, we are still bitten by the boredom bug, and need to find some way to fill our time.

Turn An Etch-A-Sketch Into A Picture Frame

Not only that, but they’ll also help you turn your photographs into etch-a-sketchy masterpieces that look like you spent hours fiddling with the knobs. Some of these instructions might be a bit complex for the average soul, but anyone with a graphics program should be able to find a way to do this.

Cardboard Castle

Tired of your current digs? Why not try out a do-it-yourself dream home like this? I don’t know where I’m going to get eight refrigerator boxes, though . . .

Crystal Gardens

You don’t need a chemistry kit to make your own crystals, but you will need to be careful with some of the ingredients. I remember growing crystals in the fridge in a jar filled with dye-tinted sugar water.

Camera Toss: How To

Looking for something new, and a little different, to augment your shutterbugness? Why not consider camera tossing? This site will show you how.

Efficient Google Searches

A little mundane after the previous links, perhaps, but absolutely useful for the web searcher in you.

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