Click of the Wrist – Snack Time

This week, erudite minds in Britain answered a long-debated question: are Pringles really potato chips? (Or crisps, in the vernacular there.) It seems they’ve been officially declared as such, ?enabling the taxman to take a multimillion-pound bite of VAT.? Ah, the joys of that universal pastime: snacking.

Favourite Weird Snack Combo

Dorm rooms have witnessed the invention of some of the oddest food combinations imaginable, and this Nutella and tortilla chips melding isn’t terribly unusual. Readers? contributions are, though?such as the grapes and shrimp combo.

Blackboard Biology

Does a Twinkie really last forever? Thirty-four years ago, a science teacher at George Stevens Academy in Maine put the myth to the test. He bought a two-pack, ate one, and saved the other Twinkie, still in its wrapper. The Twinkie’s still there, but as one brand manager for Hostess said, “I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole.”

Weird Snack Gallery

The pictures say it all. Some aren’t so strange, but then there’s the Bacon and Cheese Crick-ettes. Yum. And why would anyone want their lemon-flavoured chips infused with caffeine?

Snacks from Japanese Convenience Stores

One person’s Krispy Kreme is another person’s taco sushi, I guess. Still not sure I’d go looking for the tiny, dried fish in the bag of Minnows ?n? Nuts, though.

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