Editorial – Time Out

I have to admit, it was gratifying to see how many of you started following The Voice Magazine‘s Facebook page last week. I keep forgetting that even though I know all of the stuff we do out in the wild internets, most of you don’t, and you probably don’t have the time or inclination to be searching around for it, which means I need to be a bit more forward about pointing these things out once in a while.

This week, things have been hectic. Not only did we recover from last week’s hack, it seems our erstwhile hacker friends have come back for seconds. I almost wouldn’t mind if the hacks seemed somewhat elegant, but, by the evidence left strewn around in the back-end of the website and the emails that alerted us to it happening, It’s become fairly obvious that all we have here are some script-kiddies running brute-force attempts to find holes in The Voice Magazine‘s security. Of course, in fairness, It’s our fault that they did, and I’m not proud of that.

Fortunately, this issue has some good content that will hopefully make up for any delays you’ve suffered in your weekly procrastination schedule. In particular, check out our feature interview with student Heather Elizabeth, and the first part of Barb Lehtiniemi’s own travel adventure across Canada.

Also, Hazel Anaka in this week’s “From Where I Sit” reminds us of the importance in participating in the political process, whether That’s through something as all-consuming as running for office, to simply taking the time to cast an informed vote. After all, as she points out, remember that everybody you don’t like, all the people with ideas you think are dumb or hateful or bigoted all get the vote, and It’s up to us to counter theirs.

In other news, I’m supposed to take vacation a couple of weeks throughout the year. Usually a person does that during the summer so that they can enjoy the sun and good weather, but with all of the changes going on at AUSU over the summer, I really couldn’t justify taking any week off in case something of importance happened. That means that now, with the year fast running out, I have to get those holidays in.

To that end, there won’t be a new issue of The Voice Magazine next week. Instead, I’ll be taking off some time to enjoy the autumn weather, get caught up on my course, and maybe even do some personal writing. That’s the plan anyway. So the next issue of The Voice Magazine won’t be out until October 9th. I’m hoping I’ll be able to arrange a little surprise by the time it comes out, so if you aren’t on our email reminder list yet, I’m just hinting that this would be a really good time to sign up.

Until then, enjoy the read!

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