It’s a Good One

This week, you get to read one of the better issues of The Voice Magazine. I’d love to say every week is a masterpiece, but some weeks are just better than others, there’s no way around it.

And this is a good one.

We start with our Feature interview with nursing student Marcy Mackenzie, an interview that reflects, I think, what so many of us here at AU are. We’re not the typical university, after all, many of us are midway through our careers and picking up extra skills, many of us are juggling school, kids, work, and life, and Marcy’s no exception.

Also, be sure to check out The Fit Student this week. Marie Well, in the process of opening up what must be a fairly sensitive issue, gives us solid advice that any student might well have use for once in a while, because I’ve never met any student who has absolutely no nervousness about exams. Sometimes, seeing the extremes that others have to deal with makes our own problems seem that much easier.

We also have the third part of our interview with Sunny Gang. It’s raw, real, and it may not be an article for everyone, I’ll admit. But if you’re not someone who’s easily offended, it’s certainly worth a read, if, for nothing else, than to find yourself asking the question “What in the world is a ’Wall of Death’?” Finding the answer lead me to some interesting videos, and another item to put into my bucket list under “Things to actively avoid.” Maybe I’m just too old to see the appeal.

Plus, with Christmas coming up rapidly, it’s time to start coming up with gift ideas, both to give and receive. Fortunately, Carla Knipe has some suggestions in the AU Student Gift Guide. Full of things that you can give to that student you know, or that, as an AU student, you might want. What better way to pass on the hint than to just “forget” to turn the computer off and leave that page up for whoever happens to come along next. Hey, it’s worth a try, right?

While she’s at it, Carla also takes a look at that most festive of holiday traditions, home brewing your own beer, in her column, Extracurricular. Although now that I write it out, it strikes me that perhaps that was just my family. My dad was big into home brewing at one point, and the smell of hops always reminds me of our basement back when I was in high school. So perhaps that article has a little more significance for me than it might for some of you.

But that just brings me around again to point out that the Best of The Voice issue will be coming out at the beginning of the New Year, and I’m still looking for what you, the students, think were the articles in The Voice Magazine over the past 12 months that held the most significance for you? We’ve got some strong contenders out there, from the heart-wrenching to humorous, advice, interviews, election coverage, and more. So let me know at what you think, and we’ll make sure those articles get featured to start off the New Year in a good way! Enjoy the read!

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