Canadian Education News

International students in Moncton encouraged to stay
Moncton, New Brunswick wants international students to stay following graduation. The City of Moncton hosted a job fair to introduce international students to local employers.

They offered 200 job opportunities for post-graduate employment, co-op work placements and summer employment, as well as opportunities in banking, education and insurance.

One attendee from the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the University of Moncton, Christian Kalnde, said, “You have an affection to the country.” he said. “Some international students want to stay here?but It’s just jobs, you can justify when you want to stay here.”

Simon Fraser University reports better career prospects with co-op placements
The report by the British Columbia university Simon Fraser University “found that co-op work placements provide many benefits to university students?even after graduation.” It studied graduates between 2000 and 2013.

Based on the research, those that finished their co-op had higher median wages compared to the others. Furthermore, graduates with co-ops are more likely to have jobs relevant to their education.

President of SFU, Andrew Petter, said that the co-op placements assists students find suitable jobs, even soon enough to alter their educational path.

Work to ease international students’ paths to permanent residence being done
John McCallum, Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship wants to ease the pathway to permanent residency for international students. This status would be for after graduation from a Canadian post-secondary institution.

McCallum said, “They know something about the country, so they should be first on our list of people who we court to come to Canada.” He will be working with colleagues, in the provinces and territories, to better international students’ Express Entry system.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen is an AUSU Councillor. He works with various organizations, and runs In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal, and In-Sight Publishing.