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Casey is looking for advice on what course to pick to fill out her critical perspective requirement, while Ashley has some questions about how a minor fits into the degree program and what courses other people took in the first and second semester for a Psychology major.

Other posts include coming up with a specific theme for an end of course paper, whether you can complete a six credit course in a single month, and whether and how to cite the textbook from a course.  Courses inquired about include CRJS 490, PHIL 231, ENGL 255, and more.


User “Kurtfrom116” has posted a review of Athabasca University, giving it an 8/10 with a list of pros and cons, while “BlanketFaerie” was looking for advice on the CHEM 350 Midterm.


@AthabascaU tweets:        Meet #AthabascaU’s new Mental Health Coordinator.  Her role is to drive the development of a #mentalhealth strategy that will help us to better support the needs of our remarkable & diverse students.  An important jump forward on #WorldMentalHealthDay

@austudentsunion tweets:  ” Did you know you can fill out a peer review course evaluation on AUSU’s website? Available anytime, answers are anonymous, but you can also review the results of previous AU course evals!