Editorial—Bringing you the Best Of!

Out with the old and in with the new, right?  Not quite!  There’s still a little bit of the old that deserves some recognition, and that’s what the Best of the Voice 2020 is all about.

For those that haven’t been here before, each year we like to take a selection of the best articles of 2020—both the best overall and the best representatives of what The Voice Magazine is each week—and bring them all together into one great big issue for you.

With articles chosen (mostly) by students and people in the Voice community, this issue reflects you, our readers, and of course the students and writers who gave us so much content over what was such a tough year.

Interesting about this year is that there were definite months that stood out.  October and November were well represented, while three of the selections were from a single issue that came out on July 31.  But we had articles spanning the entire year, with our first coming out in January, and the most recent having been published only a few weeks ago on November 27.

One thing that isn’t from 2020, however, is our round up of AU events, scholarships, and what’s going on over social media about AU.  So if you’re looking for that information, have no fear.

But enough from me.  You’ve come because you’re curious as to what the best selections from all 49 issues of writing by and for AU students was.  For a reminder of how there were some shining spots throughout the year.

And I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Enjoy the read!



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