The Not-So-Starving Student—Five Gifts for People who Love Food

The Not-So-Starving Student—Five Gifts for People who Love Food

Are you a foodie?  Or better yet, are you, your friends, and family members food-lovers who thrive on trying different cuisines?  If so, Christmas gifts that are centered around making their food experience in the kitchen better will be a joy to have this Christmas season.  With COVID-19 pandemic rules becoming less restrictive and more people becoming multi-dose vaccinated, more Christmas festivities will ensue, and that means more time spent around the dinner table.

For myself, I’ve started to build my own hobby arranging beautiful charcuterie boards, and so gifts I’ve received from friends and family, such as cheese cutters, has been a pleasant surprise.  If you’re starting your Christmas shopping early this year and wondering what to give to those “chefs” in the family or friends circle then look no further.  I have compiled a perfect list of ideas that are both functional and presentable to your loved ones.

Charcuterie board set.

I feel that, given my new hobby is arranging different meat and cheese boards, we should start here.  For anyone who enjoys hosting others, meat and cheese boards are an excellent party amuse-bouche for your guests.  I was particularly inspired by charcuterie board sets with small cutlery and dishes that make it easier to try all kinds of tapas!  If you’re on a budget, look to dollar stores or outlets for additions to these boards such as a cheese cutter, wine openers and even sauce trays for the hummus and jam.  Places like Walmart, Amazon, or Homesense can also have a good selection.

Multi-tiered serving trays

For hosting beautiful post-dinner desserts, multi-tiered serving trays are a must-have for any festive occasion.  Even if you have store-bought cookies or pastries, they could still use an effective presentation with this table centerpiece.  I recently attended a family dinner with sweets organized effectively using this multi-tiered tray.  I’ve found items like this at Winners, Amazon, or Shien.

Steak knife set

For steak lovers, a steak knife set is central to their dining experience.  Having recently purchased a set for a newlywed couple, they have told us the joy of using their set multiple times a month.  Although quality steak knives can run you at over $100, they are well worth the price and will last the test of time.  My personal favorite from J.A Henckels runs at about $50 but is beautifully designed and more affordable than well-known brands.   Amazon, Walmart, or Hudson’s Bay will have these sort of items.

Italian Spice mix

Having received many different spice mixes over the years as gifts, I can safely say that various steak rubs, vegetable seasonings and marinated oils are always welcomed in the kitchen.  I love trying different types of olive oils infused with truffles, herbs and spices.  They are not only beautifully arranged in sets, but also functional in so many dishes.  I’ve found them at places like Winners, Homesense, Amazon, or even Etsy

Small Kitchen Appliances

While it’s hard to single out one single best appliance, there are a handful of my top used kitchen appliances that would be a useful addition to any kitchen.  Despite Instant Pot (a smart electric pressure cooker) being incredibly popular, and arguably a staple in many kitchens, they are still an excellent choice for those who have yet to experience their capabilities.  I use my own instant pot many times a week and have cooked delicious meals at times when I was in a hurry.  Another favorite is the air-fryer.  This appliance has helped me reduce the amount of oil I use in fried foods and makes frying clean and easy.  Finally, my all-time favorite appliance is a fast-boil kettle that can boil water in less than 2 minutes.  It makes brewing tea, instant coffee, and hot drinks incredibly convenient.  If your loved one is a tea connoisseur, this one should be their kitchen staple. Most of these items can be sourced from Canadian Tire, Superstore, Walmart, or London Drugs, among other places.