Reflections on Two Years of Minds We Meet

Writing the Minds We Meet column—interviewing students like you—has been one of the most stressful, frustrating—and ultimately rewarding—aspects of my time at The Voice Magazine.  To be clear, the experience has been difficult—not as a result of the participants—but solely through my repeated failed attempts to make connections with prospective interviewees in an online sphere while on a weekly deadline.  However, it is understandable to be wary of sharing your story with a stranger on the internet.

On the other hand, it is this very online sphere that allows me to reach interested students on their own time and on their own terms, as opposed to approaching them in the hallways as they hurry to their next class.  After all, it is this very accessibility and flexibility that is AU’s online mandate, and why so many of us are here.

Despite these occasional and—truthfully—minor struggles, it has been an absolute honour to write this column and it has been an extremely memorable journey.  Every single one of the stories that students have shared with me—and ultimately all of you—have made such an impact on my life.  In the midst of writing, I often stop and reflect with pride that I am part of this community of students.  It has been a privilege to share your words weekly, and learn how much you all overcome on a daily basis—and yet—somehow keep moving forward.  I have cried countless times.  I have also laughed and celebrated alongside you.  I have taken your study advice and tips, looked into your recommended courses, and learned from your life lessons and personal mottos.  And I have been inspired by how you express yourselves; there are so many incredible writers and speakers in our community.

Lately, the pace of Minds We Meet has begun to slow.  Clearly in this troubled economy, in an ongoing pandemic, and with many of us juggling work, school responsibilities, dependents, and navigating illness and disability it can be sometimes difficult to find time to participate.  However, I know that you all enjoy reading these stories and much as I enjoy writing them.

So, this is my humble call out for you all to keep sharing your stories with the world, in your own words.  Interviews typically take place via email to account for your hectic schedules, as well as different time zones—although Zoom interviews are also a possibility.  The interview process is quick, and best of all, you can complete the interview at your own pace.  (For students with privacy concerns, The Voice Magazine can also take steps to ensure that you consent to each step of the process, and you can reveal as much as you are comfortable with.)  And you get a Voice Magazine swag pack as a thank you for your time as a bonus.

Here is to another two years of Minds We Meet.  Contact me anytime if you would like to be featured next or if you have an idea for the column!

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