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Deanna Roney

I live in a small town in central BC with my husband and my dogs. I love to get outside whether that is hiking, kayaking, taking the dogs for a walk, or spey fishing for steelhead. I have had the privilege to complete several backpacking trips from the historic gold rush Chilkoot trail in the north, the Brazeau Loop, to the West Coast Trail and many in between. I have also made the trip around the Bowron Lakes circuit a couple times and fully intend to go back.

When I am not escaping to the bush I am working as a Literary Intern, bookkeeper, social media advertising, and working on my own creative writing projects. I love learning about the publishing industry and the intricacies that work within it. I love working with agencies and being able to see the publishing world from their perspective. As might be assumed by now I am an avid bookworm and I am always working on building up my own collection. Some of my favourites include Suzanne by Anais Barbeau-Lavelette translated by Rhonda Mullins, Ru by Kim Thuy, The Vegetarian by Han Kang, and I could go on.

Time Crunch

I wrote an article in January, The Goal Too Far, and while I try to live by my own words, sometimes it can be very difficult to cut myself some slack. I have myself on a fairly strict schedule. I try to allow time for that schedule to evolve and to change, depending on daily… Read more »

Tutor Time

I have noticed lately that lots of students are commenting on assignment turnaround times. According to the Athabasca University Student Standards tutors should have assignments returned in 7-8 business days. How long it actually takes can vary, depending on the course and the tutor. My first course was incredibly fast, I submitted an assignment before… Read more »

Woes of an English Major

Going back to school can be a tough decision. Going back through distance education can be even tougher. Questions haunt you: will I have the dedication to see this through? do I really know what I am getting myself into? I don’t want to waste my money, what if I try a course and it… Read more »

Frost Bite and Felt-Packs

I have discovered something in the last year, not something wildly profound?something wildly frustrating. After having surgery on my ankle, I have lost the ability to wear heels?heels of any kind. I am hoping to, one day, gain this ability back, but for now it is my sad reality. I say sad not because I… Read more »

What Mitty Teaches

I have never been a big movie-buff. I can watch a terrible, low budget, movie and still enjoy it. I can really watch almost any movie (unless it is based on a book, and is butchered.) That being said, I do not usually enjoy watching movies more than once or twice. One of my new… Read more »

Passionately Educated

I have been studying with AU for several years now, and in those years I have grown and changed. My studies have taken me places which I did not expect. When I began my search for programs it was initially English I was solely interested in. I wanted to learn how to write, how to… Read more »

Time Travel and Regrets

I was recently watching the movie “Safety Not Guaranteed”, which is about a man who placed an advertisement looking for a partner to travel back in time with. The advertisement told the would-be time travel partner that they must bring their own weapons, and their safety is not guaranteed. As the movie progresses, they discuss… Read more »

50 Shades of Ugh

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of the series 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James. This series, which is now being made into a movie, is expected to break box office records. Even I succumbed to the masses and read the books (I will not be watching the movie.)… Read more »

Stress Without Deadlines

When I began my first course with Athabasca University I remember being very unsure about my first assignment. Pressing that send button (as it was an email submission) was very stressful! I moved forward and had my first Moodle submission, which made me press that dreaded button several times; “Submit”, “Are you sure?”, “Last chance!”… Read more »

English 353 and a Grain of Salt

There are many wonderful advantages to being able to look back at old discussions on the AUSU forum boards: questions regarding assignments can be answered and you can find a sense of comradery. There are a few things that you should keep in mind while reading some of these posts. First, just because that was… Read more »