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Fly On the Wall—Truth Tellers

Last year, we addressed the idea of us, noble scholars, reduced to asinine drudgery and suggested that behind our mild-mannered veneers we have a cornucopia of fruitful intellectual possibilities.  We posed the question, is truth itself impossible? Education means philosophical inquiry, even if it’s only to realize that each act we engage in and each… Read more »

From Where I Sit—A Better 2018

Have you ever been warned off a particular store because it’s ‘dangerous’ in there?  That very thing happened to me during my last acupuncture appointment.  During the roughly-hour-and-a-half I’m there there’s plenty of time to talk about things other than my knotted body or blocked chi. Ruby is a Chinese woman who’s been in Canada… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Focus Vault

At a recent conference, speaker Curt Steinhorst’s keynote address was called Thriving in the Age of Distraction.  He’s a talented guy that I’ve had the pleasure of hearing before, and this time was no exception.  Not only is his material fact-based, but he offers simple solutions to keep this from being “just another speech.” Regrettably,… Read more »