The Friends of CBC

The FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting is a not-for profit Canada-wide group of volunteers advocating Canadian content in radio and television broadcasting, the film industry, and to fight for a strong CBC. They act in a watchdog role, on public policy initiatives, and in research activities directed toward their priorities. They depend on individual donations to fund their activities, since they don’t allow donations from organisations licensed through the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission), and they welcome interested volunteers to aid them in their efforts – either by donation or pitching in more directly.

You may not be familiar with this group, but if you’re a watcher of Canadian television you might be familiar with one of their projects – the “Tell Canadian Stories” spots airing on many stations across the country. They aim not only to increase our awareness of the lack of Canadian content on prime-time television, but also to point out that we should be telling our own stories, that we are best suited to showing the world who we are.

“Seeing who we are, how we feel and what we believe is a task worth the investment. It is also a task best met by Canadians.” (FRIENDS)

The “Tell Canadian Stories” campaign:
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