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It’s harvest time and Thanksgiving and Halloween approach, so thoughts of many a soul turn to bringing in the crops and raking in the sugar on the 31st.

The latter may just be a treat, an extra, but the basic truth of the matter is that if we don’t eat, we don’t live. Food might be a horrid habit, but like sleeping and breathing, we are compelled to do it. Mind you, starvation aside, there are some lines I personally would never cross food-wise.

Weird Foods From Around the World

One man’s treat is another man’s trash. It’s a lesson in how what seems normal to us is by no means as normal to anyone else. Bear this in mind the next time someone you know spouts off about some cultures and their eating of dog.

Strange Food From Around the World

A simple list of things in other countries that might, to you, sound a bit odd.


Adventurous I may be, but there are things on this page I couldn’t put in my mouth even if I was starving to death. Please view with caution; this page may not be suitable for anyone with a weak stomach.

Weird Food

Coffee-flavoured chewing gum and burger-flavoured chips? Much as I like all four of these items (okay, I don’t like gum, but let’s pretend for just a moment), I do not think I would want them in any way combined. Reminds me of the time they made bird’s nest ice cream on Iron Chef America. Eww.

Deep End Dining

A website dedicated to the gastronomically odd.

Weird Meat

I know people eat chocolate-covered crickets and all that, but . . . okay, I’ll say just this one word, because I think it’ll be enough for what’s on the front of this site right now: larvae. I’m sure there’s something else, but I got an eyeful of that and just had to turn away.