Click of the Wrist – Tourist Trap

With prices on everything falling, it seems like there are incredible deals everywhere?including holidays. Along with packing the sunscreen and passports, smart travellers know it always pays to brush up on your destination, so here’s a look at the odder side of tourist life.

20 Stupid Questions Asked by Tourists

It may seem obvious to some folks, but apparently there are those who ponder such geographical mysteries as whether or not there are lakes in the Lake District, and whether Wales stays open during the winter.

Wrong Flights and Booking Blunders

Even if you’ve done your tourist homework, there’s no guarantee your travel agent has done his. As one resident in Lebanon, New Hampshire, claims, ?visitors would arrive, only to discover that their luggage had been sent to Beirut.?

Tourism Victoria

While working for Tourism Victoria in the ?90s, this writer fielded some truly strange questions from tourists, including one lost soul who was trying to find the number for Tourism Istanbul.

Adventures of a Stupid Tourist

Here’s a look at the tourist experience from the other side?the tourist herself. On a journey to Mozambique, this traveller learned at least one important lesson: when your hotel room comes with a copy of Guide to African Water Snakes, it probably isn’t a good idea to grab your towel and head for the lake.

The Best of Sign Language

Each week, The Telegraph chooses their favourite photos of odd signs sent in by readers. They include such gems as this one, spotted by a lake in Lijiang, China, warning visitors to ?Fall into Water Carefully!?

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