From Where I Sit – That Feels Better

Buckle up; I feel an Andy Rooney-type rant coming on. These are a few things that irk me and I’ve gotta vent.

Jon and Kate are having marital trouble. I’ve never watched an episode of their reality show, but do ya think living your life in a fish bowl of worldwide scrutiny could have had something to do with it?

Pat Quinn is the new Oilers coach. Let the radio call-in shows begin! I’m sure everyone and his brother will have an opinion that needs to be heard, debated, and debunked. What could have been a slow news summer has suddenly been transformed into endless armchair quarterbacking about the qualifications and chemistry of the coaching staff, the player changes likely to come, the stats on everything, and the promise of the new season.

Spring-like conditions have just barely arrived here at the Anaka homestead and already the mosquitoes are unbearable. There is no spraying done in rural areas so we are at the mercy of the little buggers. We haven’t yet had a spring rain, there was snow less than two weeks ago, the nights are still cold, and there are drought-like conditions, so my simple question is how the hell did they hatch and survive?

Children are dying or being seriously injured needlessly. Tori Stafford was murdered in Ontario, an Alberta toddler had a gate fall over on her, and Mike Tyson’s daughter was accidentally strangled by a cord on a treadmill. Others fall out of windows, drown, or die on all-terrain vehicles. Still others get abducted, bounce off trampolines, get hit in traffic, or left in a car. I know total vigilance 24/7 is impossible, and hey, there but for the grace of God?I had some close calls from my own days of mothering. Are we all paying enough attention and safeguarding these vulnerable souls?

The writers of crib assembly instruction booklets should be strung up by their necks and beaten with the stabilizing bar, Allen wrench, and rolled-up booklet until they beg for mercy. We have put a man on the moon. Do we not have the technology, vocabulary, and will to make these damn things more clear and user-friendly? Or is this an IQ test to see if we’re smart enough to be parents and grandparents?

How is it that a sweet potato vine in a four-inch pot can cost five dollars? It’s an annual, for crying out loud. I’m going to have to get creative next spring and start more of my own plants or simply cut back on how many pots of annuals I prepare. don’t they know there’s a recession out there?

Why is it that some young women act like they are still in grade seven? In some group work in a college class I’m taking, I see some real ?mean girl? behaviour manifesting. Dismissing other people’s contributions and riding roughshod over less confident group members is both ignorant and rude. Grow up!

There, that feels better, from where I sit.