Click of the Wrist – Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Hate travelling this time of year? It could be worse: in ?80s classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Steve Martin goes through hell while attempting to get home for the holidays. Alternatively, you could avoid the pain of airline travel, train timetables, and traffic by relying on yourself to get you where you need to be. Check out these adventurers, who have done?or are doing!?some serious personal travel.

Muscle Power

Upbeat British adventurer Sarah Outen has an ambitious goal: to go around the world ?on her own muscle power,? Discovery News reports. Her blog chronicles her ongoing adventures and experiences.

Walk Away

As relaxing as vacations might be, most of us would agree with Dorothy: there’s no place like home. How long would you be willing to stay away? One Canadian spent eleven years away from home and family as he walked around the globe, returning to his Montreal-area home just last summer. CBC has the story.

Just Keep Swimming

In 2010 Dominican swimmer Marcos Días completed an innovative project: to ?unite the continents? by swimming around the world, attempting to raise awareness of global solidarity and eradicate world poverty. Read about the project?and the Millennium Development Goals?here.