Click of the Wrist – On Vacation

Summer’s in full swing as we head into the middle of July. Got vacation plans, or are you kicking back locally this year? Whether you stay or go, here are some holiday tips and stories?some good, some bad?to entertain you, inspire you, or scare you off vacations for good.

Worst Vacations held a contest for readers? worst vacation experiences. From tornados to shootouts to IBS attacks, these vacation horror stories give the Griswolds a run for their money.

People Pay for This

Sure, you shelled-out $20 on a museum that turned out to be a dud. But don’t feel too badly; here’s the lowdown from Cracked on some of the ?worst vacations people actually pay for.? From killing farm animals with machine guns to touring working sewers, these local attractions make your museum experience seem a bargain (and a pleasant one!).

Go Prepared

While you might not be mistakenly diagnosed with cancer on vacation, ?minor? problems can crop up for any traveller. From losing your passport to getting trapped by bad weather, here are some common issues?and Marie Claire‘s advice on how to deal with them.

Enriching Vacations

Sometimes a vacation turns out better if you go with slightly different expectations. Here, NPR’s Talk of the Nation discusses so-called enriching vacations?skill-learning or volunteering trips, for example?and how they can transform a plain old summer experience into something amazing.


So you had the vacation from hell?or something didn’t go as planned. Check out this resource on how to prepare your complaint (and determine to whom you should direct it).