E-texts and me

E-texts will impact me in one of two ways:
1) Result in what’s effectively a large tuition price increase (due to having to buy hard copy texts)
2) Contribute to an unhealthy learning environment (see below points)
When I first realized that some of my hard copy textbooks included a free e-text version I was thrilled. This meant that when I was mobile I could easily access all my texts. However, for the bulk of my studies, I still require hard copy for the following reasons:
– Eye strain: doing research, assignments, etc. on a computer is hard enough on the eyes ? reading a hard copy text is a necessary break from the computer screen for me. Screen technology (glare) and size/ cost is not good enough yet for dedicated e-texts. Tablet screens are usually smaller than a page size, restrictively small for the fast reading That’s required in university. Full colour screens are hard on the eyes. Softer e-books are black and white
– Reading position: I need to be able to change positions as I read, so as to not strain in any one position
I believe that e-texts are the way of the future ? once screen technology improves
THIS IS A FORM OF TUITION INCREASE: It is obvious that the student is receiving significantly less value while AU is saving considerable (distribution, cost of goods, etc.). It’s like the consumer packaged goods industry where product portions are being reduced while keeping prices the same ? in effect, a price increase. Unlike the free market, I believe there are limits to tuition increases per year?
Lastly, even if tablets overcame screen glare and size it would still be unfair that I had to buy one of these devices with no discount to offset the cost
Hope we can get this initiative dropped for the time being,
Shawn Stanley
Third Year AU Marketing Undergrad

Right with you on this one, but, honestly, there’s no chance it’s getting dropped at this point, too many things have been signed, from what I know. At best, we can hope that AU will still at least offer us a choice. –Karl

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