Click of the Wrist – Road Trip!

August is around the corner?which means there’s only a month left of summer holidays. But don’t let that get you down! Instead, try out these apps and start planning a road trip that’ll make this month the best part of summer yet.

On the Go
Whether you like planning or prefer to travel on the fly, the Roadtrippers app is something you can take on the go. It covers Canada and the US and allows you to plan your trip, synch the navigation to your phone, and explore lodging and attractions along the way.

Corner Gas
You know where to find cheap gas in your neighbourhood, but what about on the road? For US road trips, the Fuel My Route app helps you find gas prices along whatever route you take.

Pet Stop
If You’re travelling with your pet, you’ll need an app for that. Go Pet Friendly gives travellers in Canada and the US guidance on finding pet-friendly places to stay, as well as ?beaches and off-leash parks where your dog can run [and] veterinarians and pet supply stores – even restaurants and wineries where your pooch is welcome to join you.?

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