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Jennifer is curious what to expect from ProctorU if her young children need attention during her exam; in the end her exam went smoothly but other students report various issues with interruptions—both from children and from the ProctorU invigilators themselves.  Elizabeth seeks assurance that AU course evaluations are anonymous (they are.)

Other posts include course notes and academic integrity, the order in which assignments must be submitted, course extensions, and courses FREN 301, HADM 315 and MKTG 466.


Mike’s on the hunt for a hardcopy textbook for ACCT 355.  He’s offering cash, so good opportunity to unload your text.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “An exam in the middle of the night? At the library after work? Whatever works for you is now possible! Online exam invigilation for #AthabascaU students thanks to @ProctorU:”

@AthabascaUSU (AUSU) tweets:  “We get it…  AU students are usually balancing multiple life commitments..  school, work, family and more.  If that’s you, consider applying for our Balanced Student Award! Deadline May 1.”