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Katy is stymied trying to sync her calendar with her iphone calendar; less than an hour later, a response points her in the right direction.  Rosemarie wonders if she has an AU e-mail address; a response directs her to the info in myAU.  Tiana is curious if it’s possible to complete 3 courses in 3 months; responses suggest it’s possible, with a good plan and dedication.

Other posts include transfer credit evaluation, exam materials and Proctor U, e-text downloads, Dear Barb, and AU student cards.


Oops!  SarashSureShot accidentally submitted an essay she’d downloaded from the internet to use for reference, got slapped with an academic misconduct penalty, and now she’s wondering what chance she has with her appeal.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Heads up: Students may complete midterm and final exams at any time during their course contract period, including the course contract start or end dates.  #AskAU.”

@AU_Press tweets:  “Join us at @AudreysBooks next Wednesday for the launch of this important new memoir about life as a female freedom fighter during India’s independence movement.  #yegevents #yegreads.”

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