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Alyssa seeks help conducting research on the AU Library’s site; responders provide tips and links to library orientation videos.  Laura struggles with dense course material language; other students weigh in with their experiences and tips to decipher academese.

Other posts include finding a tutor for course help, citing course material, masters in counselling program, and courses PSYC 289 and 290, and SOSC 366.


A would-be student is shocked by withdrawal fees levied after withdrawing from a semester’s worth of courses before they started.  Other posts include courses COMP 482, MATH 266, PSYC  402, and a cluster of science courses.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “As an #AthabascaU student you are able to submit written work to our Writer in Residence, Katherena Vermette. Find guidelines for submission on the writer-in-residence site:”

@austudentsunion tweets:  “AUSU has proudly provided our members with access to for years. On July 30, this service is upgrading to LinkedIn Learning! Find out more at (link:”